• Narrator: Prepare yourself for...
  • Thingamabob: Downtown Bumblyburg is under attack!
  • Narrator: The first time on Blu-Ray High Definition.
  • Larry-Boy: My eyeballs are frozen!
  • Narrator: With the picture so fabulous, your entertainment system will weep with electronic joy.
  • S-Cape: What are superfriends for?
  • Narrator: With sound so fierce, it will scare mediocre forever.
  • Vogue: We're coming for you, Larry-Boy!
  • Narrator: With extra bonus features to die for, why not be so generous?
  • Ricochet: What is that?
  • Narrator: VeggieTales presents...
  • Alfred: The League of Incredible Vegetables!
  • Narrator: For the first time ever on Blu-Ray! Also features the silly song "Supper Hero!" They came, they thawed, they conquered. It's "The League of Incredible Vegetables" coming to a Blu-Ray player near you!

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