Here are the Amazing Songs and Score in the Walt Disney's Classic of the 1990 Soundtrack of "The Leapfrog Movie". All Four Songs Produced by Buddy Baker; All Two Songs: "Garden of Dreams" and the Best Song: "Fairy NightSongs" Written by Buddy Baker and Pinocchio's Academy Award Lyricist Ned Washington; All Two Songs "Femininity" and "I'll Lead you Home" Written by Buddy Baker and the Newest Lyricist Tim Rice, And Finally the Original Score Written by Randy Newman and the Orchestrater Gary Stadler.

1. Main Title: Garden of Dreams

2. Femininity

3. Fairy NightSongs

4. I'll Lead you Home

5. The Story Begins (Score)

6. Tad and Lily (Score)

7. Leap's Wish (Score)

8. Friends (Score)

9. The Storm (Score)

10. The Goner of Tad (Score)

11. Lost in the Woods (Score)

12. The Adventure (Score)

13. Leap Appeared (Score)

14. Finding a Way (Score)

15. The Map (Score)

16. The Darkness Came (Score)

17. An Ugly Villain (Score)

18. The Battle (Score)

19. Tad Finally Returns (Score)

20. Garden of Dreams (Reprise-Score)

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