Here are the Amazing Songs and Score in the 2004 Soundtrack of A Tad of Christmas Cheer. All Songs Produced by The Leapfrog Movie' s Academy Award Orchestrater Gary Stadler, and  A Goofy Movie's Winner Lyricist Jack Feldman. The Original Score Have Been Composed by the Composer of The Tigger Movie, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian.

1. Invocation

2. Fly Away

3. Midwinter

4. Main Titles (Score)

5. Dear Diory (Part 1) (Score)

6. Tad Loses all Hope (Score)

7. In the Toy Factory (Score)

8. The Evil Villain Caper Lives (Score)

9. Dear Diory (Part 2) (Score)

10. Tad in the Darkness (Score)

11. A Fairy God-Bug Appeared (Score)

12. The Villain Caper's Evil Ways (Score)

13. Dear Diory (Part 3) (Score)

14. Enchanted in the Forest (Score)

15. The Last Feeling (Score)

16. The Darkness Took Over (Score)

17. The Final Showdown (Score)

18. A Christmas Cheer (Score)

19. The Happy Ending (Score)

20. End Title: Garden of Dreams (Tad's Theme)

21. End Title: Joy to the World & The First Noel

22. Bonus Track: Little Drummer Boy

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