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The Legend Of Queen Opala is an erotic RPG in spirit classic hentai or JRPGS. You play as young adventurer, travelling to the aptly named Capital Of Egypt (guess which country), basically to oogle the beautiful Queen Opala and make your fortune. Of course, chance soon puts you on the road to adventure and naughty pictures, as you stumble upon a sinister plot...

'''Legend of Queen Opala II'''

The game will hopefully have a release date around summer next year. has released a demo version of this game via megaupload.

The game starts with letting you not only name your character, but also choose between two different looks for you character. This has no effect on the game itself, but it does change how you look in portraits, while exploring and in combat. You'll also be able to select if you'd like to play a western or eastern version of the game, depending on what you select, the adult scenes change.

Obviously I'm not going to tell you all the goodies, but the game will be much more open for exploration and have tons more optional quests, some being mini-stories on their own right. For new features, the game will introduce "Build Your Mansion 2.0", a much improved version of what you saw in the first game, you'll also be able to keep track of your quests through a log and even collect material for blacksmithing...oh, there is some hunting too! The way you view obtained illustrations has also gone through a huge update, and if that weren't enough...there is even 50+ achievements for you to unlock, yup, The Legend of Queen Opala II will feature in-game acievements, unlocking some gives you access to starting bonuses when you begin a fresh new game!

If that weren't enough, the game has so far 126 weapons, 197 pieces of armor, 14 quests, 50+ new monster types and a much more involving story. The game now rates you on your decisions, much like Fable's alignment system and Bioware's way to handle party member interractions.

Besides what have already been mentioned, the sequel does so far have 100+ indoor houses to explore and over 400+ maps. Making this game to have around 27 unique locations as of date, while the previous game only had 18 in total. Each individual map is also bigger in size, compared to the first game. You also don't have to fear missing out on scenes, depending on if you're evil or good, instead, every single choise can make an impact on your "standing", which affect the ending and your relationships.

Speaking of relationships, you can evolve relationships with your female party members, at the very least with Farah, Opala and Osira if you get them in your party, but hopefully the others too if I have time. Each "rest stop" offers new dialogues to build up relationships. All party members now play a role in the story, but accepting one to follow may prevent someone else from joining later on.

And if you have some fears on this parts... Some characters can now learn skills that allow them to target and attack multiple enemies at once, a great way to clear out a whole group of weaker enemies in one blow! The game will also offer a way to transport you much smoother between locations if you want to fast travel. Last but not least, the game will offer 30 CG scenes instead of the originally planned 15, if I turn out to have enough fundings. This counts in both "Western/Eastern" versions, but not all scenes will be available in both modes, so replay will be rewarded!

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