The Legend of Zelda/Thomas is a Parody with Legend of Zelda Footages and Thomas Audio


Version 1 (Made by AmyRoseLover)

  • Adult Link as Thomas
  • Shiek as Edward
  • Talon as Henry
  • Darunia as Gordon
  • Mido as James
  • Deku Link as Percy
  • Shiro as Toby
  • Claus(From EarthBound) as Duck
  • Zelda's Dad/The King of Hyrule as Sir Tophamm Hatt
  • Impa as Lady Hatt
  • Princess Zelda as Emily
  • Mario (From Mario) as Donald
  • Luigi (From Mario) as Douglas
  • Lucas (From EarthBound)as Oliver
  • King Zora as Spencer
  • Toon Link as Murdoch
  • Anju as Molly
  • Malon as Rosie
  • Toon Zelda as Lady
  • Toon Ganondorf as Diesel
  • Tingle as Boco
  • Daisy (From Mario)as Daisy
  • Saria as Mavis
  • Octorok as Arry
  • Redead as Bert
  • Ganondorf as Diesel 10
  • Goman Bros as Dodge and Splatter
  • Dark Link as Bulgy
  • Ash Ketchum (From Pokemon) as Stepney
  • Toad (From Mario) as Toad
  • Young Link as Billy
  • Red Link as Fergus
  • White Link as Hank
  • Balloon Fighter as Harold
  • Baby Mario as Skarloey
  • Baby Luigi as Rheneas
  • Squirtle as Sir Handel
  • Bulbasaur as Peter Sam
  • Brock (From Pokemon) as Rusty
  • Pikachu as Duncan
  • Baby Link as Duke
  • Ness (From EarthBound)as Bertie
  • Samurott as Salty
  • Samus (From Metroid)as Old Slow Coach
  • Iron Knuckle as George
  • Epona and another horse as Annie and Clarabel
  • Porky (From EarthBound)as The SpitefulBreakvan
  • Ultimate Chimera (From EarthBound) as Hector
  • Ninten (From EarthBound)as Standard Gauge Stanley
  • Dark Toon Link as Smudger
  • Timburr as Jack
  • Mienfoo as Nelson

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