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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess (Cover)
Game Score A
Content Score B
Difficulty Normal
+ Beautiful graphics
+ Traditional Zelda puzzles to solve
+ New motion controls for Wii version
- Minor changes from other Zelda games
Yes mark (PG)
Yes mark (PG)
Yes mark (PG)
No mark (PG)
No mark (PG)
No mark (PG)
ESRB Rating Teen (T)
Genre Action
# of Players 1 Player
Online Play None
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Available for Wii

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is the latest game in the Zelda series. A young man named Link explores temples and solves puzzles on a quest to stop the twilight that is engulfing the kingdom of Hyrule.

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The Game

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Screenshot 1

Twilight Princess is the latest game in the long running Zelda series. Darkness has covered the land of Hyrule turning everyone into spirits, completely unaware of what has happened. When a young man named Link is pulled into the twilight he is instead turned into a wolf and imprisoned. A strange creature named Midna offers to help Link escape and return to his human form. From there Link's quest to dispel the twilight from the kingdom of Hyrule begins.

The game is played from a third-person perspective like previous 3D games in the Zelda series. As Link the player fights against evil creatures using his sword, shield, and whatever other items he collects on his journey. A major element in the game is the dungeons and temples which feature puzzles and challenges for the player to overcome. In each of these areas is a new tool for the player to use and a boss for the player to defeat. The game also has a huge world with many secrets and rewards for those who explore.


Like nearly every other game in this series Twilight Princess is amazing. The visuals are a perfect balance between detailed realism and a colorful fantasy world. The game world is viewed from the vibrant realm of light and the eerie realm of twilight, each with their own type of beauty. Every character you meet in the game is full of personality and life, even those with minor roles. Link's sidekick Minda is especially playful and mischievous. The game follows the same basic structure of previous Zelda titles where the player advances from one temple to another while taking time to freely explore the main field that connects the world together. Each temple has the challenging puzzles that fans have come to expect. To keep the game feeling fresh many new items and redesigned takes on classic items have been added.


Twilight Princess is the first game in the Zelda series to receive a Teen rating from the ESRB. The tone of the game is at times somewhat darker than previous entries in the series. The detailed graphics result in some truly sinister looking bad guys that younger children may find scary. There is some mild violence in the game when Link fights off enemies with his sword, but the combat is bloodless and defeated enemies simply vanish in a puff of smoke.

Skills Used

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Screenshot 2


As Link the player will fight against many monsters that require some good reflexes to defeat. Also some of the puzzles and mini-games require the player to act quickly in a short amount of time.


The puzzles in the Zelda games are a big reason they are so popular. The game often puts goals just out of reach so players have to stop and think how to use the items in their inventory and the objects in the environment to advance in the game. Also the boss battles at the end of each temple usually have specific weaknesses the player most discover and exploit.


There is a large amount of text in the game. Unlike many modern games there is little voice acting which requires the player must have some solid reading skills to follow along with the story.


  • Wii - Uses motion controls such as swinging the controller to swing your sword on screen.
  • GameCube - Traditional game controls.

Similar Games

External Links

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