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Eons ago, the world was divided between four great Empires. These Empires lived in peace together for many years, furthering the cause of their respective peoples together in harmony. For expediency's sake, we will call these various Empires Germany, Russia, England, and France, even though they have nothing to do with the real countries they share a name with.

The world was on one big island; a few ships had sailed around and they found that there was nothing else to be seen in this great world of ours; everything was on the island. In the north, there was Germany. Directly south of Germany was France; to the east of France was Russia, and to the south of Russia was England.

One day, France became haughty and started making demands of its neighbors. It demanded money, loyalty, and other unreasonable things. Russia and England were cowed into submission, but the proud Germans would not bow; they raised a huge army and rode off towards France, destroying everything in their path. One by one, the French cities and fortresses fell before the conquering Germans. However, there was no pathetic surrender; the French fought to the very last man. The Germans captured Paris but the war continued for over forty years, until finally the last Frenchmen were executed or shipped off to slave labor camps in the freezing north.

England and Russia congratulated Germany on its great victory and hoped that there would be a return to the peaceful times of old. However, Germany had geared its industry towards war; an entire generation of Germans knew nothing but killing on desolate battlefields. When a Russian diplomat slandered one of the most famous German painters, negotiations quickly broke down. Most German soldiers had barely returned home before they were deployed again, this time against the Russians.

The Russian resistance was even less of a deterrent than the French had been; the German government was now used to making "tough decisions" and several cities were burned to the ground. Most of the Russian cultural heritage has been lost forever, except for the royal family, which was captured and kept in Berlin as an exotic oddity.

The only country that had not submitted or been annihilated left was England; the English government knew that their people expected them to fight off the Germans but they saw no way that this was possible. Conscription into the military was required of all males over the age of fifteen, but most recieved very little training and the army was disorganized and demoralized in the face of the efficient killing machines in the service of Germany.

The armies met several times, but what was even more frightening to the English was all the times they didn't meet; that is, all the times where the massive German armies simply walked by English battalions unscathed, because they were so sorely outnumbered.

Finally, after nearly a century of constant, brutal warfare, German armies spread from one end of the world to the other; there was only one place that remained controlled by the English Army; that was the capital of England itself, London.

London was on flat ground surrounded by plains. Most of the local economy was based off of farming and textiles. Villages were built in the area, but most of the infrastructure beyond very basic roads had been ravaged by war.

The German armies surrounded London completely. So big were they that their presence created a physical barrier to anyone traveling out of England. The soldiers would be known to hold hands to create an unbroken wall around England; at these times, the English people felt especially oppressed, even though they did not know why.

After many years of the German army being content to keep the English inside of their "Protective Zone," the English Army decided to attempt to break out and free their citizens; a disastrous battle followed in which the English Army was forever scattered. Over 100,000 soldiers on both sides perished. At this point, the German High Command decided to start construction of the Wall.

The Historical Wall

Even in the depths of history, the Wall was a grand thing to see; made of stone imported from all over the world, it truly shows the greatness of the German Empire at its height; the entire resources and labor of the world was mobilized to construct the wall.

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