The Legion of Darkness

A group of beings from the place from the void between light and darkness. They are not true Darksides, but are beings composed of darkness. They temporarily allied themselves with the Darksides, but soon withdrew.


The leader of the Darknesses since their old leader, a powerful darkness by the name of Kaiser, was lost to oblivion. He often uses fear as a weapon. Killed once, by Darth Ben Valor, who stabbed him four times with a lightsaber, but seems to keep coming back. No one knows why.


The best warrior of the Legion of Darkness, but is considered by many the weakest member. He is gruff, tough, and not much of a talker. When asked his name, he always answers, "Does it matter to a dead man?"

In his Darkness Mode, Vordan's skin turns a deep blue with small horn emerging from his forehead and vampire-like fangs. He also gains the ability to create blades from his limbs and can fire them at will.

He was killed by Ranger24, but was resurrected by Wraith.


The team's strongest member, physically. He has a great want for a real fight, and so far, he hasn't had a "decent" one. He enjoys a fight and will pick one at all costs, even with his own teammates. He wields a huge buster sword, but his physical strength proves that he doesn't need a weapon to be lethal.

In his Darkness Mode, Zylor's skin turns midnight-blue and his whole muscular system quadruples in size. His skin becomes a thick hide that few things can penetrate. One of those things was a close-range Ranyaku from Nukid. Zylor's strength also increases on a great scale.

He was killed by Nukid, but was resurrected by Wraith.


The team's gunslinger, who is blindly loyal to the Legion, despite the fact that one member actually had him snuffed. His main weapon is a huge gun that fires bursts of fiery energy instead of bullets. He also has his teeth filed into points.

In his Darkness Mode, Malice is covered in a dark armor resembling an insect's exoskeleton. This armor is completely bulletproof and can create guns from his hands. Rather than fire bursts of burning energy, he creates dark bursts of an even more powerful force.

He was killed by The Shadow Syndicate, but was resurrected by Wraith.


The team's energy-wielder, who is prone to violent fits of insanity. Killed by Airnaruto45, but was resurrected by Wraith.


The team's magic-user, who is as cold as the ice she wields. Killed by BlackcatRin, but was resurrected by Wraith.


The team's sword wielder. Killed by X Prodigy, but was resurrected by Wraith.

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