The Life Cafe is a casual website, where people can drop their guard, talk, roleplay, and even share their stories or art. The Life (as it is known for short) is for open communication, and therefore tries to ensure that overtly controlling mods never come to be.

How the Life Cafe Began

December 21, 2006, Username of Installation 07 was pondering the government of the site. Username decided that he would bid his farewell, and started a topic. The power-loving moderators immediately began yelling at Username, and raised his warn level to 100%, therefore banning him. He posted a link to the site he was creating, and invited anyone who wants a safe haven there. He put the finishing touches on his site, and waited for members.

Assault on the Life

December 22, 2006, the Life Cafe was beginning to get some members. In addition to Gabe, the Covie, and Nick (both of whom are from I07) some other people joined. Aen was the fourth member, stumbling upon the Life via Google. Then someone screennamed Otto Skorzeny II decided to register. Otto Skorzeny II was actually the moderator Johnny from Installation 07 trying to infiltrate the site. Ingenious plan. What wasn't so ingenious, though, was that he was pretending to be a Neo-nazi. Johnny, being a communist, was therefore easy to spot as an impersonator. Username sent "Otto Skorzeny II" a personal message, telling him that racism wouldn't be tolerated, and warned him to take the swastika out of his avatar. "Otto Skorzeny II" didn't comply, and had his account deleted. Shortly after the first infiltration, someone screenamed Starcraft pwner7 joined up. Starcraft pwner7 was very good on paper, and asked if Username needed help with the coding. Agreeing to let him in the admin CP temporarily, Starcraft pwner7 not only put in the money and level codes, he also banned most members, shut down the board, and banned Username's IP. Things looked dark for the Life indeed, but Username bypassed the block, and rebuilt the website. It turned out that Starcraft pwner7 was none other than Johnspartan117_Reborn, the admin from Installation 07, though it has come to light that it may have been Johnny, using his information.

A New Chapter

Once the rebuilding was done, Username took steps to protect the Life. Username will rebuild it anytime necessary. The most frustrating thing, however, was the deletion of the RPG for the site "Swordsmen and Spellcasters". It took a while to recreate the topics, but Username was successful. He has received a lot of help from the now co-admin Nick, who has put a skin on the site, and is the second most active poster. There is a whole new world of possibilities open for the Life, and the path has never looked better.

Building From the Ground Up

We're recruiting. Yup- this is username: Angel from The Life. Username's grabbing friends from all over to join and I'm the third in the latest wave. Username's told me that he's (quite graciously) going to start a Musicals section in which I get the chance to gab with fans of the same nature about fun new stuff like Avenue Q, or (my personal obsession) RENT, and old classics like Cats, Phantom of the Opera or whatever you like. This is just the beginning. It's not just an RP, it's a place for people to come together, chat, make new friends and discuss. Literature, music, musicals. It's all game. So come have some fun! <3 Angel

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