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  • Adult Simba as Pongo
  • Adult Nala as Perdita
  • Young Simba as Patch
  • Zira as Cruella De Vil
  • Scar as The Evil Man on t.v. show, ThunderBolt
  • Nuka as Jasper Badun
  • Banzai as Horace Badun
  • Timon as Sgt. Tibbs
  • Pumbaa as The Colonel
  • Maximus the Horse as The Captain
  • Young Nala as Penny
  • Baby Alex as Pepper
  • Young Kovu as Freckles
  • Oliver the Kitten as Rolly
  • Aladdin as Roger
  • Jasmine as Anita
  • Mama Odie as Nanny

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