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  • Stanley - Timon/Adult Simba/Young Simba/Scar/Young Nala/Mufasa/Zazu/Coconuts (from Sonic)/Manic (from Sonic)/Himself
  • Gus - Adult Simba/May (from Pokemon)/Mowgil/Adult Kiara/Young Simba/Young Nala/Adult Nala/Sally Acorn (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)
  • Rosie - Kirby (from Kirby)/Donald Duck (from Donald Duck)/Woody Woodpecker (from Woody Woodpecker)/Baby Simba/Pumbaa/Young Nala/Shanti/Double D (from Ed, Edd, n Eddy)/Spongebob (from Spongebob)/Daffy Duck (from Looney Tunes)/Annoying Orange (from Annoying Orange)/Amy Rose (from Sonic)/Coconuts (from Sonic)
  • Llort - Antoine (from Sonic)/Nuka/Scar/Timon/Pumbaa/Young Simba/Zazu/Himself
  • Gnorga - Chinese Dragon (from Thomas & Friends)/Zira/Mufasa/Captain Hook (from Peter Pan)/Himself
  • Flowers - Disney Characters/TUGS Characters/Thomas and Friends Characters/Sonic Characters/Themselfs/Garfield Characters/LEGO Characters/South Park Characters
  • Gus'es Troll Form - Pumbaa/Young Nala/Himself/Young Simba/Marie (from Aristocats)/Edmond's Kitten Form (from Rock A Doodle)/Adult Simba/Adult Nala/Scar/Shenzi/Ed/Timon/Zazu
  • and more

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