• Simba as Peter
  • Nala as Lois
  • Kiara as Meg
  • Kion as Chris
  • Timon and Pumbaa as Brian
  • Maui (from Moana) as Stewie
  • Rafiki as Joe
  • Zazu as Cleveland
  • Iago (From Aladdin) as Quagmire
  • The March Hare (From Alice in Wonderland) as Mayor Adam West
  • Scuttle (From The Little Mermaid) as Neil Goldman
  • Olivia (From The Great Mouse Detective) as Jillian
  • Vanessa (From The Little Mermaid) as Connie D'Amico
  • Lady (From Lady and the Tramp) as Tricia Takanawa
  • Hades (from Hercules) as James Woods because they're voiced by James Woods
  • Gaston (From Beauty and the Beast) as Ernie the Giant Chicken

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