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Adult Simba As Peter Pan

Duchess (From The Aristocats) As Tinker Bell

Young Nala As Wendy Darling

Young Simba As Michael Darling

Bambi (From Bambi) As John Darling

Mufasa As George Darling

Sarabi As Mary Darling

Lady (From Lady And The Tramp) As Nana

Scar As Captain Hook

Banzai As Mr Smee

Hyenas As Pirates Crew

Ed As Tick-Tock The Crocodile

Rafiki As Cubby

Zazu As Rabbit

Timon And Pumbaa As The Twins

Thumper (From Bambi) As Nibs

Skunk (From Bambi) As Tootles

Nuka As Indian Chief

Marie (From The Aristocats) As Tiger Lily

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