The Lion King/Pokemon is a parody with Pokemon sounds and The Lion King clips and it will come out October 10, 2010 by ShenziBanzaiandEd.


  • Young Simba as Pikachu
  • Adult Simba as Raichu
  • Mufasa as Krokorok
  • Young Nala as Buneary
  • Adult Nala as Loupunny
  • Rafiki as Chimchar
  • Fowler from Chicken Run as James
  • Bunty from Chicken Run as Jessie
  • Babs from Chicken Run as Meowth
  • Zazu as Turtwig
  • Timon as Piplup
  • Pumbaa as Buizel
  • Sarabi as Cresselia
  • Scar as Mewtwo
  • Uncle Max as Ash
  • and more

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