This is a parody with Lion King scenes and Rugrats in Paris sounds

Cast List

  • Simba as Tommy
  • Kovu as Chuckie
  • Kiara as Lil
  • Kit (from Talespin) as Phil
  • Baby Alex (from Madagascar 2) as Dill
  • Vitani as Angelica
  • Zazu as Spike
  • Zira as Coco
  • Alex (from Madagascar) as Chaz
  • Zuba (from Madagascar 2) as Stu
  • Alex's Mom (from Madagascar 2) as Didi
  • Mufasa as Grandpa Pickles
  • Timon's Mom as Betty
  • Uncle Max as Howard
  • Molly (from Talespin) as Kimi
  • Rebecca (from Talespin) as Kira
  • Baloo (from Jungle Book) as Reptar
  • Scar as Jean Claude

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