Adult Simba as Bob Parr

Adult Nala as Helen Parr

Young Simba as Dash Parr

Young Nala as Violet Parr

Baby Simba as Jack Jack Parr

Mufasa as Lucius Best

Scar as Buddy Pine 

Zira as Mirage

Zazu as Mr. Huph (DO NOT EDIT)

Diesel 10 as The Underminer

Sarabi as Edna Mode

Timon as Mrs. Hogensen

The Rowdy Ruff Boys (from The PowerPuff Girls) as Incrediboy

Pumbaa as Bernie

Rafiki as The Principal

Stampede as Omnidroid

Troublesome Trucks as Guards

The PowerPuff Girls Characters (From The PowerPuff Girls) as Deceased Heroes

The Shrimpers from TUGS as The Police Officers

Victor (From Wallace And Gromit) as Bomb Voyage

Bart Simpsons (from The Simpsons) as Little Boy

Snowball (from The Simpsons) as Cat

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