The Lion King/Thomas Parodies - Featuring Mufasa and Pumbaa

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  • Mufasa as Thomas
  • Uncle Max as Edward
  • Young Kovu as Henry
  • Adult Kovu as Gordon
  • Bagherra (from The Jungle Book) as James
  • Pumbaa as Percy
  • Zazu as Toby
  • Adult Simba as Oliver
  • Adult Nala as Daisy
  • Sarafina as Old Slow Coach
  • Adult Kiara as Emily
  • Young Kiara as Rosie
  • Rafiki as BoCo
  • Zira as Elizabeth
  • Young Simba as Rheneas
  • Young Nala as Madge
  • Vitani as Annie/Clarabel
  • Nuka as George
  • Toad as Timon
  • Scar as Diesel
  • Shenzi as Caroline
  • Banzai as Splatter/Dodge
  • Ed as Diesel 10

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