Lion king
                                                           June 23 2014
  • Penguin king
    Simba As Himself
  • Nala As Herself
  • Xiro As Adult Simba
  • Kairel As Adult Nala
  • Leo Lionheart As Mufasa
  • Lana Lionheart As Sarabi
  • Either Fritz the Cat, Southern Wolf (Droopy Series) and Jaune Tom As Zazu
  • Nowhead Man As Rafiki
  • Prince John As Scar
  • Chief McBrusque As Shenzi
  • Mr. Grasping, Toplofty, and O'Bloat As Banzai
  • Scuttlebutt As Ed
  • Bruma As Nala Mother
  • Sylvester (Looney Tunes Series) As Timon
  • Grunge the Cat (Mrs. Doubtfire) As Pumbaa
  • Animated Dinosaurus As The Lion of Pride Rock
  • Animates Mice, Cats & Foxes As Animals
  • An American Tail 1, 2, & 4 Cats Villians As Hyenas

may 10 2014

mumble as simba

gloria as nala

mumble as adult simba

gloria as adult nala

mumble's father as mafasa

mumble's mother as sarabi

beatles as timon & pumbaa

remy as zazu

willy wonka old as rafiki

drake as scar

catnip as shenzi

grinch as banzai

blue meanie as ed

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