We See Nothing Because It Is Black And Then Leo The Lion MGM Logo Began To Roar As The Theme Song Beginning,We See Leo The Lion Is Sleeping On The Chair,And We See The Title Card,The Lionhearts,Playing The Piano.And The Theme Song Over.At MGM Studios,Leo Is On The Metro Goldwyn Mayer And Begen To Roar As The Director Said Cut!.We See The Title Called Spencer's Birthday In Stero.Thanks Leo That Was Perfect! The Director Said To Leo What You Mean Perfect? Leo Asked The Director.At The House,Judy Was Playing Kate's Dolls While Kate Do Her Homework,And Leo Is Coming Home From MGM Studios.Hi Honey!Guest What Today Special Day.No You Think Again! Lana Said To Leo Oh No,Oh Oh Oh Oh,Spencer's Birthday I Forgot,I Forgot and I Forgot Today! Leo To Lana. Okay,We Have To Tell Kate and Judy To Tell That Is Their Brother's Birthday.Kate? Judy?I Want To Tell You! Leo Told Kate And Judy.Here Comes Judy.Judy Said races to downstairs.What What Dad? Judy & Kate Said Happily.It's Your Brother's Birthday,And You Are Invited! Lana Said To Judy and Kate.Yeah,Yeah,Yeah,Yeah,Yeah,Yeah, And Yeah Too. Kate Said Cheerful.All Right Let Invited Spencer's Classmates To Invited Okay Leo To Kate and Judy.Yes,I'll Will Getting Ready,Come On Judy. Kate Takes Judy's Hand and Went Into The Kitchen.They Decided To Make Cake.They Puts Their Chef Hats And Start Bake A Cake.Soon They Done To Make A Cake,Spencer's Classmates Arrvial.Where Spencer? Kate To Spencer's Classmates

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