The Little Adventures of Bruno (Spanish: Las pequenas aventuras de Bruno) is a 2D Mexican-American animated television series serving as a spin-off for the Mexican cartoon series, Bruno and the Banana Bunch. This cartoon aired in Canal 5 on October 9, 2012. The English production was never made until November 28, 2012 where AF The Dubbing House USA sold their rights to HiT Entertainment causing the majority of the anime-voice actors to not return to reprise their roles. Mona Marshall is the only actor from the original series reprising her role. The English version aired on The Hub that same date and Cookie Jar TV is currently airing reruns of the show until 2013 where Cookie Jar lost it's rights to the show.

Mitchell Hurwitz, creator of Arrested Development and the cartoon series Sit Down Shut Up which borrowed clips from the show with major censorship, was an executive producer for the English production and sooner Spanish and over-sea productions; with the cast of Sit Down Shut Up reprising their roles once production was shipped to Rough Draft Korea (animation of SDSU); allowing many references to the show. This also allowed actors besides the Sit Down Shut Up cast to make guest appearances such as Despicable Me's/The Office's Steve Carell voicing Number 9.


The first season was animated in Flash animation at Mexico where Bruno finally sees the wonderful life of Tangamandapio. Seens from the Fox animated series, Sit Down Shut Up, were used since the characters from the series will be used for the show later on with minor censorship. Music videos also have appeared, called Merrie Melodies, produced by Rough Draft Korea Co., although they rarely appear.

The second season changes animation production to America in Rough Draft Korea Co. since supervising producer Tom Ruegger wanted to make the show more of a homage to Hannah Barbera cartoons from the 1960s. The heavy production and scripts was done in Mexico while the animation was done in America but the lip movements were for the Mexican lines done in style of old-anime cartoons from the 1960s. The show was divided into three segments; the first segment is Bruno, the second segment is the 1990s Secret Squirrel revival and the third segment is reruns of 2 Stupid Dogs. The 2 Stupid Dogs reruns were ommited from The Hub due to copyright reasons. Secret Squirrel and 2 Stupid Dogs were not shown in Mexico until January 2013, dubbed in Spanish. On some occasions, the Bruno segment would either star Don Roman's children (voice of Animaniacs' Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell and Tress MacNeille) or white-blood cell and cold pill Osmosis Jones & Drix Koldriff (voice of Phil LaMarr and Jeff Bennett, replacing Chris Rock and David Pierce respectively).

The format is still used in the third season. Although now, the culture changed to more Icelandic customs since now, the new animation is in co-production with LazyTown Entertainment, features a new Icelandic cast with new voices of Icelandic actors.

On June 2, 2013; production of the series is now handleed by 9 Story Entertainment animating the show in Flash animation once again like the previous series; but still retaining the humor and character designs. The new season still uses Icelandic, Mexican, Muslim and Asian culturism but now in the pilot episode; English people have immigrated into the city providing more British influences. Also, Jim Lang (Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold!) is now composing the music giving it a jazz feeling. Co-producer Chespirito is planning a film release for theatrically in Mexico and a limited theatrical release in the United States. In that season, Chespirito retires and gives the production job to his son Roberto Gomez Fernandez; which the MLP and Bruno crossover was the last project he did for the show. The ending theme changed to "Party Party (Join Us) (Join Us)" and half of the time, the theme song goes short. The Roman Kids' segments were discontinued in this season but are available on the direct-to-DVD releases of the show.

The show gains a fifth season commitioned by the Hub Network (formerly The Hub) and now no longer produced by 9 Story Entertainment but distributed by DHX Studios, the animation company that did My Little Pony; but giving it's own unique style. Actors Tara Strong, Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, Tress MacNeille, Carlos Alazraqui, Paul Rugg and Sam Marin become main voice actors for the show rather than just guest or recurring voice. As such, the Roman Kids will make frequent appearances and will have there own subplots rather than there own segments. Magnus Scheving will still be the producer and Mitch will still be the director; and music numbers/Merrie Melodies will be still available. The season is more dark and less comedic and focuses on magic and supernatural powers and other mysteries discovered. Kyla Rae Kowaleski will make recurring appearances as Ella Hofftard. Tom Kenny, voice of Happy the Janitor, will voice other characters than just some faculty members.

A sixth season was gifted by the Hub Network featuring an additional cast members to spice the show up featuring Maulik Pancholey as Swaroop Shukla and Micha Karns as Pong Ping. More songs were composed. Just like the fifth season, its dark but has more comedic scenes and more parodies. As of the episode "The Heist", Upsidedowntown was officially renamed Knob Haven, the name of the town from Sit Down, Shut Up. This is because of the festival "The S is Toast" which the mayor decides to rename the town. Zoe Pescadillo was dropped as one of the main characters and Salmon Rushty, named after Salman Rushdie, will be a main character as a bully. Due to complaints of less female English-speaking child characters for the show, a girl named Launa (voice of Twilight Sparkle's Tara Strong) and from the original series, Sissy Lemon (renamed: Lizzy, voice of Pinkie Pie's Andrea Libman) will be added as additional cast. The theme song has changed too. Dondes Valges, a student, was removed as well without unexplination due to missing numerous seasons and episodes and since the role of the "rich kid" seemed to have gone to Ami. Also, in the opening sequence, Mitchell Hurwitz is finally being credited with the tag "Exective production by Mitchell Hurwitz". Hurwitz announced that Hub Network is allowing the show more time but the series will end if it jumps the shark for low ratings.

On September 23, 2013; the series is gifted a seventh season. This season started production in August 15, 2013. By one of the writers, certain facts were announced:


  • Will be the main villain in the season.
  • Will not be permanently defeated.
  • Will not turn in the side of good.
  • One episode will finaly feature Sunikura escaping the Icy Lake.

Crook Thief

  • Will become The Crookmaster.
  • Crookley will go to the side of good.

The Wonder Kids

  • Have enormous funny events in the show.
  • Will have five Merrie Melodies of there own.
  • They will reunite with there dad.
  • They will act more like there parodied counteparts from Animaniacs.

Ninja Monkeys

  • There will be one white monkey in an episode.
  • There will be a ninja gorilla and a ninja orangutan and a ninja mandrill.
  • One monkey will speak human language.


  • Number 9 will return in an episode.
  • Bruno will lose his powers.

The Kids

  • Bruno will once be seen without his makeup and nails.
  • Ami will speak fluent English at one point.
  • Megabyte will dress up as his original series form.
  • Salmon Rushty becomes an intellegent studier.
  • A new foreign exchange student from Saudi Arabia named Sal will be another additional member of the cast, voiced by Logan Grove from The Amazing World of Gumball; to show more diversity.
  • The Fire Lady will destroy Knob Haven and have a fight with Sunikura in an episode "Frost of Fire".
  • The Fire Lady will become the Fire Queen in the episode "Earth the Water".

The Faculty

  • Larry will not tell Miracle that he loves her but will kiss her.
  • Stuart will become a prison clown again.
  • Andrew's bisexuality will be shown more but wont be directed.
  • Willard gets a new home; in the basement of Mrs. Lemon's Cafe.
  • Ennis quits his perversion and becomes a writer in one episode.
  • Sue gets alot of money.
  • Happy the Janitor gets an Arabian girlfriend.
  • Sue will cheat.
  • Helen will fall in love with a robot.
  • Andrew will try to come up with a musical number or play in an episode.
  • There will be alot of Helen and Andrew moments.
  • Helen will continue to overuse her catchphrase: "QUIET DOWN".

Secret Squirrel

  • Will return in an episode.
  • Will have a couple of segments.
  • Will meet with Bruno for the first time.
  • One episode will feature him singing.


  • The Bruno and Ami relationship will grow stronger.
  • The Jhack and Ami relationship will die.
  • Megabyte will have a girlfriend.
  • The Larry and Miracle relationship will grow stronger.
  • The Helen and Ennis relationship will grow stronger.
  • Willard will get a girlfriend as well.
  • The Andrew and Larry and Miracle relationship will grow.
  • The Bruno and Lizzy relationship will grow.
  • The Ami and Lizzy rivalry will begin.

Character debuts

  • Maja the Sky Witch and her crobit (crow-rabbit) familiar
  • Clown Knights
  • Vampire Bats


  • Season 7 will be animated in digital by Klasky Csupo INC. with production in Mexico being overseas for overdubbing.
  • The show will return to it's Hannah Barbera parody style with squash-and-stretch styles with a more sitcomish twist ala Arrested Development.
  • The show will have a new opening sequence; indicating whenever it's serious or comedic by seeing if the lyrics are in English (serious episode).
  • Merrie Melodies will be renamed Internet Jukebox for copyright reasons.
  • Ozzy & Drix will not appear anymore.
  • Secret Squirrel will return.
  • Ricardo Perez will be rich in one episode.
  • Animated pantomine specials produced in Arabic known as "Chicken Haired" will be a backup segment as well.
  • Original characters; Miss Spinster (Mona Marshall reprises her role), Mr. Limburger (now voiced by Jeff Bennett), Mrs. Lemon (now voiced by Janice Kawaye), Wishbone (Curtis Armstrong reprises his role) and Toshiro (Daisuke Suzuki reprise his role) will return.
  • Mr. Limburger will marry Miss Spinster, ending the reckless running gags.
  • One episode will have Bruno returning back to Little Tokymexico realizing that somethings have change.
  • There are no voice casting changes. Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell and Tress MacNeille become permanent cast members. Arrested Development voice actors still stay. More Hannah Barbera/WB actors; Jim Cummings, Maurice LaMarche, Casey Kasem, Kimmy Robertson, Jeff Bennett and Paul Rugg will become additional members. The original characters' voices will be replaced.
  • One episode will be based on the Happy Days, a series featuring Henry Winkler as The Fonz.
  • There will be an episode where Bruno time travels to the 1930s in reference to old cartoons. Toot from Drawn Together will make a cameo with Strong reprising her role.
  • An episode will feature the Wonder Kids traveling to the 1970s indicating Larry's past.
  • The show will not end any time soon but a series finale has already been written where Bruno grows up as a 17-year old boy and Hurwitz would voice Bruno.
  • HiT Entertainment no longer has the rights to the show and LazyTown Entertainment is only doing the Icelandic dub. Anima Estudios is no longer doing the animation, only the Spanish dubbing.
  • Parodies of animes such as Yugioh, Pokemon, FLCL, Big O, Lupin the Third, Hetalia, Ouran High School Host Club, Case Closed and Black Brothers II will be included.


Taken place after the series finale of the original series, Bruno moves to Tangamandapio (Upsidedowntown) where he must learn to face off against wacky teachers, mean students, crazy food and weird hijinks.


Main characters

  • Hector Juan "Bruno" Julio Cortez: Voice of Jesus Guzman (Spanish) and Mona Marshall (English). A 13-year old ex-cobbler, ex-mime and ex-poor teenager who now has a family and now lives in Tangamandapio. He originally lived in Little Tokymexico, but moved. At times, his nails come back despite getting rid of them at the end of the original series. Only Larry, Sue, Stuart and Helen are the only faculty members to call Bruno by his real name, "Hector".  Bruno starts to appear less with his nails and starts to go out more. Oriignally a terrible singer from the original series, he became an excellent singer due to the Merrie Melodies being produced required the characters to become great singers.
  • Ami Onukia: Voice of Dionne Quan. A Japanese girl originally from Tokyo but moved to Little Tokymexico and now moved to Tangamandapio to be closer to Bruno. It has been announced that she is Bruno's girlfriend. She can understand Arabic allowing a good conversation with her and the janitor Happy. Ami knows karate and is incredibly rich. Ami is always dressed in sailor fuku uniform and supports magic of her own similar to Sailor Moon. She can only speak Japanese just like from the original series but can sing in English.
  • Jhack Lemon: Voice of Andrew Rannells replacing Doug Erholtz. A British boy who was a spoiled child and is now friends with Bruno. His appearance changed to look more like John Lennon from the late 1960s through the early 1970s. He also gained glasses due to poor eyesight as he is growing up. He is in Tangamandapio because this is where his rich grandmother lives due to cant standing the lowlives anymore. He lost his fluency in Arabic since his move now being unable to understand Happy but still understands Japanese and is now able to speak fluent Icelandic thanks to a student exchange program to Reykjavik in the episode "Last but not Beast" learning the language from acrobatic exercisitng activists (at the same episode, Bruno was transferred to Japan and he failed at Japanese language but succeeded on robot battles).
  • Rodolfo "Rolf" Madruga: Voice of Sebastian Llapur (Spanish), Donald Glover (English, S1-S2) and Gudmunder Thor Karason (English, Current). The only Afro-Mexican character in the show. He is a street-wise character with a good personality. His appearance and atitude is based on Memi Pinguin. Donald Glover was replaced with Guomunder Karason due to his performances being too much of a stereotype and that he has a career. His brand new voice helps him with the music videos.  Rolf has an apetite for candy and chocolate and often makes wise cracking jokes. His persona is based on Groucho Marx of the Marx Brothers. 
  • Solomon "Salmon" Alabaster Rushty: Voice of Terry McGurrin (English, S1-S3) and Kel Mitchell (English, Current). A Quebocois American football player  and school bully who is the top player of the Baters, the football team for Tangamandapio Escuela. He spoke with a heavy Canadian accent in the first three seasons, and sometimes slurrs some Canadian French words with his speech. but now speaks in a Brooklyn accent, with less French words. He often picks a fight with the rest of the gang. He has some rivalry with Lon. He is named after author Salman Rushdie and was created on the show as a gag for Happy the Janitor to being a fan of Rushie's works. Salmon's real name is Solomon and he got the name for his likeing of raw fish.
  • Ricardo Perez: Voice of Mario Castaneda (Spanish), Lee Tockar (English, S1-S3) and Jeff Bennett (English, Current). One of the poorest children in the neighborhood. He is so poor that he doesn't even have any shoes. He is the nephew of Don Ramon as stated by Bruno when they first met because he has the Necaxa birthmark. He was originally going to be removed, but was changed a bit. His clothes are similar to Street Urchins. Originally voiced by Canadian actor Lee Tockar, as the show progressed, his voice was done by Johnny Bravo's Jeff Glen Bennett.
  • Carmichael "Megabyte" Flynnboyle: Voiced by Kobie Powell (English) replacing Kate Higgins. A lazy boy wearing a baseball cap who was originally lazy but since the show progressed, he becomes a technology loving kid wearing green hair speding too much time in the computer and using/designing technology. He sings a Merrie Melody/inside song, Gizmo Guy (Megabaet in Icelandic). Megabyte's baseball cap was replaced with television goggles and his overalls were changed to a white tee-shirt with red stripes and his shorts became jeans with Geox sneakers. His last name wasen't revealed until the episode "Contract".
  • Swaroop Shukla: Voice of Maulik Pancholy (English). An East Indian boy who was raised in Mumbai but moved to Tangamandapio with his old school cultural parents. Skilled with the skateboard, he is part of the gang often helping out with others. His catchphrase is "Carmadellic" and "Carmariffic". His father Bharat tries to have a nice belly, his mother Neela tries to make peace, his brother Balik tries to act hip to fit in with America society similar to Ali G and his grandmother Ajee (Grandma in Hindi) controls the family.
  • Pong Ping: Voice of Micah Karns (English). A Chinese teenage boy with an incredible ability of pyrokinesis. He, along with Swaroop, was added as extra members of the gang. Pong Ping comes from Beijing, China and was the son of the Fire Lord Emperor Yokai and is the lord of the town. He becomes the love interest to Zoe Pescadillo and the second best friend to Bruno. Pong Ping may be based on Seoul Ling Poo of Korea from the original series but it's not certain. Pong Ping can generate fire from his hair and his body.
  • Lady Launa Strassoffer/Fire Lady: Voice of Tara Strong (English). An Icelandic American girl who was added as an extra character to spice up the show. She is actually the Fire Lady, a demonic demon beast that can generate fire and powers through the grips of her hands. She may be based on Flame Princess from Adventure Time. She can hover and transform into a fire elemental being. Her father is the Flame Lord (voice of Donald Glover) who rules the Volcano Kingdom located near the Havana Mountain. She is one of the most powerfulest beings in the series and one of the most evilest but she is still no close to be able to defeat Sunikura.
  • Elizabeth "Lizzy" Lemon: Voice of Andrea Libman (English). The cousin of Jhack Lemon who is still seen with her doll Stephanie (Serefina) and still has a crush on Bruno but her outfit has changed. She was originally named Sissy in the original series. Lizzy has taken gymnastics and other activities making her physically fitted. She became Ami's best friend and often helps her out in sticky situations. She also learned to speak both Japanese and Arabic being able to talk to both Ami and Happy. She may have also learned Hindi as she smacked Swaroop who said a bad word in that language.
  • The Desktop Siblings: Voices of Rob Paulsen (Ori), Jess Harnell (Yori) and Tress MacNeille (Naru) (English). The sons of Christopher Desktop who is the cousin of Don Ramon/Mr. Limburger who often help out with the gang. They are entireley based on Yakko, Wakko and Dot from Animaniacs and are voiced by there respective characters and have elements similar to the Marx Brothers. They often help out the gang on very sticky situations. They also have some comedic situations and often annoys the people. They mostly appear in Merrie Melodies singing some songs such as Ori's World, I'm Cute and Yori's America. The oldest is Ori Desktop who is the most talkative and is based on Yakko, the middle child is Yori Desktop who is mostly hungry and is based on Wakko and the youngest is Naru Desktop who is the cutest and is the only girl and is based on Dot.
  • Sal Salsaa Nuabar: Voice of Logan Grove (English). An Arabic-American teen boy who is the nephew of Happy the Janitor. He is a soft spoken teenage boy with a love for skateboarding and graffitting. He proves himself to be a talented artist. He can speak both English, Japanese and Arabic. He was added to the show to show more racial diversity.

Major characters

  • Ennis Hofftard: Voice of Will Arnett (English). The English teacher who is a cyclist but in-heart, he is actually a coward with a comfort kitten (a live action cat). In the original Spanish and Japanese versions, he is actually a writing teacher. His catchphrase is "Catchphrases are for losers". His favorite student is Ricardo Perez. Ennis has a thing for Miracle's body and her lovely hair but her baby is always in the way. Ennis is selfish and dim witted and clueless to many obstacles happening. Rather than running most of the time, he sometimes uses a mini bike to go around places. Ennis somehow gets intellegents and knows an excess amount of trivial information when intoxicated, even so much as breaking the fourth wall.
  • Larry Littlejunk: Voice of Jason Bateman (English). The gym teacher who is kind and nice rather than intimidating and harsh as a stereotypical gym teacher would. He rather enjoy doing science but Ms. Grohe already took the job, and he sometimes has rivalries wth her but deep down, loves her. His catchphrase is "Why can't someone else teach PE?" His real name is Lawrence "Larry" Anderson, renamed to "Mr. L" on the course of the season, his original name was Larry Littlejunk, but was changed due to parental conserns but was reverted back to Larry Littlejunk but censored to L for the majority of the episodes at the late second season. His favorite student is Bruno due to the similarities.
  • Miracle Grohe: Voice of Kristen Chenoweth (English). A spiritual hippie science teacher who teaches a peaceful science method and walks barefooted. She carries her 1-year old infant son named Merch (who is smarter than her) around. Her catchphrase is "Drummers are creeps". She seems to be dim-witted at several points. Her favorite student is Dondes Valdes. Miracle has a crush on Larry, simlar to how Larry has a crush on Miracle, but because Larry often insults her, there relationship goes to studdle.
  • Vice Principal Stuart Proszakian: Voice of Will Forte (English). The happy-go-lucky vice principal who is known as criminally insane and enjoys every second of the world. His catchphrase is "I need a catchphrase". He is nicknamed Vice Principal Pro by his peers. He is also very gullible, believing everything he is told. His favorite student is Bruno. Before becoming vice principal of Knob Haven, he was a prison clown often entertaining people sporting clown makeup wearing a prison outfit. Although he refuses to be one anymore, some incidents make him look and act like a prison clown; sporting flour on his face as white makeup, chocolate bar stains on his mouth to imitate red clown makeup, bee sting on his nose to form a clown nose, cotton candy on his head parodying clown hair and his voice is based on a stereotypical payasito (Mexican clown).
  • Muhammad Sabbeh "Happy" Fa-ac Nuabah: Voice of Tom Kenny (English). The Egyptian-Mexican secretive custodian who only speaks in Arabic accompanied by an off-screen translator. Bruno finds out that he lives in the center of the school grounds. He always seems to carry a stack of dynamite. He speaks in fractured English when communicating to the students, speaking in a slow matter or reading an Arabic-English/Espanol phrasebook when speaking to the kids for a better conversation, first shown in "I Have a Dream". His catchphrase is "I am fond of America" in Arabic. Ami states he's from Saudi Arabia and always has a problem with Bruno. His favorite student is Solomon Rushty and Ami Onukia since she helps him with cleaning and they both can understand each other.
  • Andrew LeGustambos: Voice of Nick Kroll (English). The drama teacher who wears cowboy attire from the waste down. His surname is Spanish for "he likes both" referencing bisexuality causing parental concerns, but luckly Bruno calls him LeGustambos by mistake (similar to calling Jirafales "sausage", due to being a child). His personality is similar to that of a lead female's best friend and his voice is a characterization of Daws Butler's talents as Snagglepuss from the cartoon of the same name.. His catchphrase is "Speak up". His favorite student is Zoe Pescadillo.
  • Helen Klench: Voice of Cheri Oteri (English). The cranky librarian who is often mistaken as objects making her  very angry. She does not like any students, except for Alan. Her catchphrase is "Quiet down". She is also a good athlete. She is awfully friends with Mr. LeGustambos and Principal Sezno since she was a longtime best friend with Sezno, back then, she was obese. Helen wishes to become a succesful model but chooses to be a lbrarian to tech people to respect the arts and histories of textbooks which she experienced as a young child since she loved books all of her life. Her favorite student is Alan Ramirez. She has a crush on Ennis Hofftard as revealed in the episode "It's a Miracle".
  • Acting Principal Sue Sezno: Voice of Kenan Thompson (English). The sassy "acting" principal of Tangamandapio Escuela who is serious. True to her surname, she rarely says "Yes" and her catchphrase is "No". She is also rather lazy as revealed by Bruno; lazy like Jaimito el cartero but not as lazy as Don Ramon which is why Bruno escapes from detention and expulsion since she hates paperwork, giving him a chance to let his crimes "slide". Her name is a pun on "acting principal says no". Her favorite student is Bruno.
  • Willard Deutschebog: Voice of Henry Winkler (English). A middle-aged German teacher who has very low self-esteem. Despite his troubles and worryness, Bruno always tries to brighten his day. It was revaled in an episode that he and Mr. Happy live inside the school. In the original Spanish and Japanese version, he is actually an English teacher, teaching everyone the English language. His catchphrase is "If I believed in reincarnation, I'd stop tonight". In the first course of the season, his name was Mr. Deutscheland for some reason, but his full name is still Willard Deutschebog as of the second season. His favorite student is Rodolfo Madruga. He has an addiction of reading pornography (Porkometry in the English version). He used to live in the school closet and the school van but in the third episode, he moved into the bell of the communion that Miracle is attending and figured out that you can ride the clanger so the bell can ring.
  • Ella Hofftard: Voice of Kyla Rae Kowaleski (English). The niece of Ennis Hofftard. She tends to act like a bad girl sometimes but she is nice inside. She already knows of her fathers perverted ways.

Minor characters

  • Saburo Onukia: Voice of Jordan Nagai (S1-S2) and Kwesi Boakye (Current). A Japanese-born boy who is the youngest of the friends at the age of nine. She is actually Ami's little cousin who mocks her. Like his cousin, he speaks Japanese as well, but is capable of speaking perfect Spanish and English when talking to the characters. Marshall has stated that if the second series went into English, Nagai would definatley return to voice him, which he did. The character was not used until the fourth season where Nagai could not return and was replaced with Boakye. In the fourth season, he is Sue Sezno's nephew but she cannot have any of the Onukia inheritence. Now, Saburo has a passion for singing and starred in his own Merrie Melody, I love to Singa.
  • Zoe Pescadillo: Voice of Diana Perez (Spanish) and Michelle Ruff (English). A foriegn person from Italy in Napoli, who like Ami, speaks only one language which is Italian. She seems to be Bruno's new love interest in the series but still has feelings for Ami. Zoe seems to be a ninja striking to the hearts of her oponents. She was missing for the second season for an unknown reason but will return in the third season fighting against Ami who has now become a main character once again until the sixth season where she was dropped completley.
  • Alan Ramirez: Voice of Mario Castaneda Peda (Spanish) and Nancy Cartwright (English). The perfect student in Tangamandapio Escuela, who gets good grades, considered a teacher's pet, is an excellent athlete, top prankster and rich kid. Although Alan has a secret fear of dust bunnies.
  • Theodore "Theo" LaSaulle: Voice of Kel Mitchell (English S1-S2) and Martin Villafana (English, Current). A gadget-based child who is obsessed with computers and technology, always carrying a laptop or a digital camera. He owns a rare Vietnamese pen/digital camera which also includes a comb, a pocketknife and a gum dispensir. 
  • Lon: Voice of Quinton Flynn (English). A creepie kid who is actually part of a tribe of wolf people, parodying to that of the White Tigers from Beyblade. Lon possesses a mystical staff with the ability to hypnotize people. He attends Tangamandapio Escuela to learn more about his opponents. He has some rivalry with Salmon Rushty.
  • Dondes Valges: Voice of Jesus Guzman (Spanish), Sam Vincent (English S1-S4) and Debi Derryberry (English S5-present) A blonde-haired rich boy who is myopic in which he is blind without glasses. He has a cousin in America allowing Richardo to speak both English and Spanish. Dondes and Bruno are enemies in the series until the third season where they became friends. He was removed from the sixth season for reasons unknown.
  • Senor John Amarillo: Voice of Raul Guaya (Spanish) and Phil LaMarr (English). Bruno's homeroom teacher in the school "Tangamandapio Escuela", similar to that of Little Tokymexico's Escuela. Senor Amarillo's personality is similar to that of Professor Jirafales but he is calm and collected. Due to the popularity and fan base of the rest of the faculty, Senor Amarillo was used less often. In "The Broken Leg", it was announced that Amarillo quit by Sue Sezno. The real reason for his disapearance is because the writers were making the other faculty members so popular due to their most interaction with Bruno and due to his similarities with Professor Jirafales and since he is one of the normal ones (the other is Larry), they removed him to keep it focused more on Bruno and the wacky teachers that can't teach.
  • Cram: Voiced by Candi Milo (English). The school's bulking lunchlady who usually makes "glop", a Spanish mystery meat that is states to make people big and strong. She also owns a kitten and often makes sweathers for her.
  • Senor Jorge: Voiced by Martin Short (English). A merchant who works in a Cuban convinence store known for their famous "flan refresco" recipe. He is named after Mexican animator Jorge Rodriguez. He also makes spicy chicharron which Bruno dislikes.
  • The Brady Bunch: Various voices. Based on the 1960s' family characters from the sitcom of the same name, they appear in animated form as next door neighbors to Bruno's Mexican house. They often talk about what they learn (family values) which their parents ask "What did they/we/you/the kids learn?" which they respond on their learning. Greg, Peter, Bobby and Mike are voiced by Rob Paulsen, Martha, Jan, Cindy and Carol are played by Kath Soucie and Beatirce is played by Candi Milo.
  • Tea and Mii: Voice of Frank Welker. Ami and Toshiro's pet twin pandas sent to Bruno as gifts for his birthday. They speak in Chinese-like gibberish.
  • Moltu and Patlu: Two teenage brothers from Mumbai, India from the series of the same name which crossover to the Little Adventures of Bruno. They love eating samosas and they only speak in Hindi.
  • Jacobo Delgado: Voice of Candi Milo. Bruno's friend of Mexican descent, although his shirt reads the flags of Spain. He is based on Fez from That's 70s Show. He was a professional DJ at Club Jox, located near the school which was the kids hangout.
  • Melvin Johnson: Voice of Paul Rugg (first appearance) and Jeff Bennett (current). A stereotypical Japanese nerd who enjoys homework, mathematics and inventing. His characteristics are based on Jerry Lewis' portrayl of The Nutty Professor, even supporting the words "with the" when involving some action words. He created an elixer that made him a cool biker known as Don Fonz (voice of Jerry Lewis himself), based on Lewis' other portrayl of the professors' cool alter-ego, Buddy Love.
  • Wallace: Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker and Elizabeth Dailey (Season 1-2) and Michael "Flea" Baltzey (Current). A boy who speaks in animal noises mostly communicating with bird chirps and Pinguinese, a language created by Carlos Bonomi of Pingu and La Linea but now he speaks in barbled up gibberish simulating animal noises and chattering and scratches. He is heavingly based on Keyop from Battle of the Planets, Froggo from Histeria! and Froggy Laughlin from Our Gang but his behavior is based on Donnie from The Wild Thornberries. He is currently voiced by Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • Gunter: Voiced by Tom Kenny. A Jewish German boy who's father is the owner of a chocolate factory known for producing caramels and German chocolate cake recipes and gives him a lifetime supply of chocolate. Gunter is the nephew of Helen Klench since his sister-in-law has the chocolate maker husband. He is fluent in German and had trouble speaking in English until he speaks with Bruno, communicating with broken English. His favorite food other than candy is Schinkenwurst, a ham sausage in Germany.
  • Derek "D.D." Dukensson: Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. A foreign exchange student in Tangamandapio High from Sweden who speaks in a heavy Sweden accent. Bruno mistook him for a girl. He is a champion snowboarder that caused the school to gain a trophy in the episode "Board to Board". He sang in his first Merrie Melody "Drifitng Apart" with the main keys sung by Ori (Rob Paulsen) and Yori (Jess Harnell).
  • Samii Salsaa: Voiced by Karan Brar. An Arabian teenager from Saudi Arabia who is the nephew of Happy the Janitor. He was Jhack's best friend back in England and is an excellent baseball player. He also has a crush on Ami. He was a guest character only.
  • Bruce Dingo: Voiced by Tom Kenny. A 13-year old Australian student who speaks in intellectual Australian English speaking at a fast voice with some vocabs common in the Australian lexicon to confuse the conversation listener, often having them to exclaim "WHAAATT???". He and his posse seems to be friends with Jhack and they call him "Jhackie boy". He is in charge for watching the students in Saturday detention. He is a professional deejay as he challenged Bruno to a match in the episode "Drop the Needles".
  • Jimmy Fanner: Voice of Jeremy Shada. A 10-year old Belgian American boy who is the biggest fan of the Athletic Elves, especially Numbuh 10. He even wears the same jacket as him. He has a blog talking about the elves acitivities. One episode, he revealed exclusive footage around the internet, and Bruno had to find where he lived to overcome it. Another episode, when Bruno decide to go bad, he decides to go bad too in retaliation but was convinced by Bruno to stop. His favorite show is "Yo Ernest" which is shown at 8:00 and also watches "Why You Actin So Cray Cray?". He is based on Jimmy Olsen from Superman and Fanboy from Fanboy and Chum Chum; being a faboy stereotype of there respective heroes.
  • Yum: Voiced by Hank Azaria. A Hindu warrior who fled through the United States to help his starving village. The village where he lived in Mumbai was growing through poverty due to an invasion with the Electricskulls and the Boogerbats that rid the villagers of there food and money. The chief of his tribe offered him, the most powerful soldier in the tribe, the last of there valuables to travel to America to pay for his trip and find money or food. He enters the World Saga Tournament to earn money; where he shares a dorm cabin with fellow contestant Gyron who was eating chicken legs. Despite his fear to Gyron, he is willing to stand up to him at one point but loses to his great power. Another point, he goes to the land of the Dragonocerouses to convince them to give him water from there large dam, but since none of them can break the dam, they decide to torment Yum by bullying and beating him up until Bruno saved him and gained the trust of there leader, Gyron to help break it. He is based on Apu Nahasapemanpetilon from The Simpsons (also voiced by Azaria) and Nam from Dragon Ball.
  • Gyron: Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. A Dragonocerous and leader of his fellow species who is brash, boring and wasteful. He entered the tournament to help his dying species from exinction. He shared a dorm cabin with fellow contestant Yum who was meditating. Gyron was eating chicken bones savagly and throwing some with lumps of meat on the floor, wasting delicious food ("He's so wasteful."). As Bruno appeared and ate some food, Gyron tries to be competiive by eating faster but when he takes the whole plate to give to Yum, he crushes the whole platter and threatens to kill Yum when he tried to fight back. Later, he fights Bruno in the tournament and loses. Then, his people pick on Yum until he comes back and demands them to show him and Bruno respect and with Bruno's help, they broke the dam to give Yum the water he needed.
  • The Pride Possie: Voiced by Tom Kenny (Camille), Rick Gomez (Ricky) and Maurice LaMarche (Leon). A trio of lion bullies that often torment Bruno. They speak in a Hispanic-esque accent with slurred speech accompanied by warrant subtitles and often laugh hysterically.
  • The Bat Brothers: Voiced by Benjamin Diskin (Wayne). A league gang of sapphire skinned half-human/half-demon teens that bully people around and take money from them shouting there phrase "Hands in Cash Out". Wayne is the middle child, speaking in a ghetto accent and is the only person sporting black wings. Ron is the oldest but shortest member who always sticks her arm out like she wants something, regardless of the situation. Carl is the youngest but biggest member who is the strongest. Ron and Carl have purple wings. The reason for there complexion, which is inordenary since they originally have green skin, is they work at the hot sun all day and can't afford lotion. There poverty is the source of there bulying. There mother is Jamaican wearing dreadlocks and there father is a Black man who is big and strong and can rip the face off anyone.
  • The Clubhouse Kids: Various voices. Five kids with different deformities or differences; hanging out in a Edo-style clubhouse and playing with each other in the park. They each have respective nicknames.
    • Eric "Cupcake" Smith: Voice of Kevin Michael Richardson. An 11-year old boy who serves as the de facto leader of the gang. His nickname is because he loves cupcakes. He has the ability to transform into a 21-year old warrior.
    • Samuel "Spaghetti Legs" Christopher: Voiced by Lillian Mumy. A 10-year old nearsighted boy who's nickname is earned for his wobbly spoinging legs similar to spaghetti noodles, alluding to Wubbzy's tail from Wow Wow Wubbzy.
    • Lila "Moppy" O'Hare: Voiced by Tara Strong. A 12-year old big eyed girl who's nickname is earned for her curly messed up blonde hair. She has a ghetto type voice despite being Irish descent; hinting she likes to act black. She's also known as Blondie. She first appeared in the episode "Nicknames" where she and Duckhead Donnie were called rude nicknames by Megabyte, hers was "Poodle".
    • Nelson Donald "Duckhead Donnie" Duckworth: Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker (quacks) and Rob Paulsen (speaking). A 13-year old boy who has a loving for ducks. He was originally a human with a duck hat but after a mutation, he gained a duck head and spoke in half quacks and half human language, earning his nickname. He first appeared in the episode "Nicknames" where he and Moppy were called rude nicknames by Megabyte, his was "Quack".
    • Billy "Pitcher" Strikeout: Voiced by Pamela Adlon. An 11 year old boy who's nickname is earned for his body shape of a glass pitcher and his love of baseball. He can hit a homerun and three strikes in three seconds.

The Athletic Elves

  • Brutus Jackson/Number 9: Voiced by Steve Carell. The predeccador of Number 10 (Bruno) and was actually Bruno's cousin in law. He inhailed from the Iceland North Sea as the superhero of Upsidedowntown until Bruno finds his old crystal and becomes the new Number 10. Brutus, in his spare time, works in an amusement park called Mondo-A-Go-Go located in San Francisco serving as a ride operator and he seems to be more of a bully than a superhero and was taken over by Doomageddon until he was finally freed by Ami's soliloquy.
  • Michael Johnson/Number 8 of 1985: Voiced by David Cross. The predeccador of Number 9 and the superhero of Upsidedowntown in 1985. He is dressed up in 1980s clothing mostly Michael Jackson's Thriller video; even his name and his speech pattern is based on Michael Jackson himself. He was the one who froze Dickie in chronigally stage in the first place so he can continue with his prom date. He ran a Ninja Camp that taught people the wrong way of defense and fighting and was overthrowned by Bruno. He is the second antagonistic superhero. Ice Cube was originally for the role.
  • Dwight Stone/Number 7 of 1974: Voiced by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The predeccador of Number 8 and the superhero of Upsidedowntown in 1974. He is a professional Mexican wrestler and always speaks in third person. He is a homage, based on and is voiced by WWE wrestler Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock. He was the mentor of El Justiciero Enmascarads (Secret Masked Crusader in English) who Bruno admires. He is one of the three last surviving past superheroes. The others were Brutus Jackson and Michael Johnson.
  • Ricardio Sizeowitz/Number 6 of 1968: Voiced by Richard Simmons. The predeccador of Number 7 and the superhero of Upsidedowntown in 1968. A professional athlete and exercise instructor, he is based on and voiced by Richard Simmons. Ricardio can speak fluent Spanish despite being Caucasian. He was murdered by Dwight Stone in 1974 during a wrestling match becoming the next superhero.
  • Jives Joseph/Number 5 of 1955: Voiced by Tay Zonday and Phil LaMarr (second appearance). The predeccador of Number 6 and the superhero of Upsidedowntown in 1955. The only African American superhero and the first one to be born in the 20th century, he is based havingly on Little Richard singing jive music and blues. His era was the first era to built the modern Tangamandapio/Upsidedowntown. He is the only member to have a death not from murder nor suicide; he died from cancer.
  • Miyamoto Sushi/Number 4 of 1185: Voiced by George Takei. The predeccador of Number 5 and the superhero of Upsidedowntown Manchukuo in 1185 (although Manchukuo was not found or made until 1931). A Japanese samurai, he is based heavingly on Miyamoto Musashi. He speaks in a Japanese accent heavingly spilling out Japanese words. His attitude is based on Sulu from Star Trek, a character Takei played. He commited suicide to save his family.
  • Sir Johnson Finkleburg/Number 3 of 1023: Voiced by Malcolm McDowell. The predeccador of Number 4 and the superhero of Upsidedowntown Britian in 1023. A rural town at the time, he was a knight in golden armor who wielded the Golden Star Scepter Sword. His mighty steed is a demonic horse named Silver that can fly. He was burned alive by a dragon.
  • Prince Ali Baba Abadabba/Number 2 of 800 BC: Voiced by Mona Marshall. The predeccador of Number 3 and the superhero of Upsidedowntown Agrabah in 800 BC. He speaks in fluent Arabic and is an exact clone of Bruno but with darker skin and in Arabic attire. He is a street rat and is based heavingly on Aladdin from the Disney films. Coincidentally, he is voiced by the same person who voices Bruno. He is the youngest superhero and the first superhero that never turned bad. His era was the first era to built Upsidedowntown but it was known as Agrabah most of the time. He died from an evil wizard named Jeffer who later became Sultan from killing the original hier.
  • Lord Gardemon/Number 1 of Dimension X: Voiced by guest voice Jason Isaacs. The predeccador of Number 2 and the superhero/supervillain of Dimension X which was the same platform and dimension area that was later formed into Upsidedowntown when it was first made in Saudi Arabia. He was originally a superhero but was corrupted by a bunch of dark soul bites that he was later corrupted and transformed his harmonic energy into chaotic energy, corrupting creatures and landfills into dangerous monsters and becoming unstoppable. He was the powerfulest of all heroes but then he was frozen by a young boy named Simon Maggots (based on Simon Magus; enemy of Spring Heeled Jack) and the hero was not formed until the Arabian times where a boy became the first hero which was Prince Abadabba of 800 BC.


  • El Chapulin Colorado/Captain Hopper: Voiced by Jesus Guzman (Spanish) and legendary actor Adam West (English). The grasshopper-themed superhero of the series since the show's original airdate. Based on the same superhero created by Chespritio, he is the creator of the Chipotle Cheon, his swackhammer. He also possesses incredible speed.
  • En Justiciero Enmascarado/The Secret Masked Crusader: Voiced by Sebastian Plaur (Spanish) and WWE wrestler John Cena (English). A world famous wrestler in Knob Haven who is adored by many fans, mostly Bruno and sports his mask. His moves are the Bear Hug, Veggie Blender and the Knee Knocker.
  • The Tanukis: Voice of The Aquabats. A tanuki-themed supehero rock band group from Tokyo who are a parody of The Aquabats. They were made to support the premiere and the second season premiere of The Aquabats Super SHow on Hub Network, even so much as the Aquabats playing them.
    • Kenichii: Voice of Chrisitan Jacobs. Based and played by the MC Bat Commander, serves as the leader of the group.
    • Gian: Voice of Chad Larson. Based on and played by Crash McLarson, supporting the power to grow and is the muscles.
    • Shinichi: Voice of Richard Fallimore. Based on and played by Ricky Fitness, supporting the power of super speed and is the heart of the group.
    • Hitoro Falconeye: Voice of Ian Fowles. Based on and played by Eaglebones Falconhawk, supporting the power of super sight and the ability to generate eagle figure called The Don that can only be visible by his eyes, and is the laid back of the group.
    • Roboto: Voice of James Briggs Jr. Based on and played by Jimmy the Robot, an android musician and is the brains of the group.
  • Imaginary Man: Voice of Darran Norris. A mascule superhero based on Captain America and Superman, sporting a half-hand/half cannon arm that can transform into several weapons. Imaginary Man has the power to fly and sports blue goggles. His catchphrase is Awesome-riffic. His enemy is Nemisister (Nemisis for short). Flowers serve as his kryptonite since it sucks away his powers. Bruno serves as his sidekick known as Brak Attack.


  • Sunikura the Sorceror: Voice of Ron Perlman. A demonic snake monster from the Hidden Palace, location of the barrier of Knob Haven, Upsidedowntown (Tangamandapio) and the Haven Mountain. He was the former friend of Sue Sezno in the 1980s. Sunikura was originally displayed as a garden snake with golden scales and has the ability to fly. When Sunikura was born, he suffered from a bad function that made his fire uncontrollable. So, the SMITS man (God equivalent in Knob Haven due to family conserns) gives him the power over water allowing his fire to be controlled. One day, Knob Haven was going to a drought. Disobeying SMITS orders, he creates a flood that helps bring water to the land. Due to his disobedience, he lost his ability to fly and his golden scales were turned into dark and bloody scales. Because of this, he vowed revenge on the mortals by burning them but accidentally stepped on the Lotus flower which as punishment makes his power over water ability to disappear causing his fire to burn himself. He goes to the Icy Cavers to soothe his burns and is unable to get out or his fire will act up. So, he drives away the humans from the Haven Mountain and takes over and promises The Crook Thief a power he can never refuse in exchange to destroy the legendary Athletic Elf superhero who's next generation is coming up (Bruno). Due to his magic, he is often refered to as The Sorcerer rather than Sunikura by the kids.
  • Senor Hurtado/The Crook Thief/Mr. Crookley: Voice of Stefan Karl Stefannson. A thief who appeared in the original Bruno series. Originally became good again, he later reverted back to evil as a villain known as The Crook Thief, arch nemisis to the Tanukis and the Athletic Elf. He also has some singing songs in the show too. On the fifth season, he is the servent of the demon Sunikura and leads a gang of black ninja monkeys to take over the Haven Mountain and attack the villagers.
  • Ninja Monkeys: Voices of Mona Marshall and Frank Welker. A clan of black dressed monkeys that have been trained in the arts of ninjutsu and serve the loyalties of The Crook Thief and Sunikura. There lacking of kung fu physiques and fighting skills are made up by there large bundling of them. There was a white bearded Ninja Monkey and a female one named Eepie who was disguised as a human to fool Bruno.
  • Ballroom Ghosts: Voice of Rodger Craig Smith (Emprr) and Jaleel White (Daryl and Cool Shade). Three ghosts that lived in the ballroom of Tangamandapio Escuela during the 1980s to wish their friend, Charlene, a good luck on her internship. They set up the party for her but they parteyed so hard, there hearts stopped and they died. She could not make it to the ballroom due to this and the three became ghosts and haunted the ballroom for 20 years and keeping it the same for her return but they didn't know that she died from a car accident (Bruno know that because she was Miracle Grohe's aunt). They only do the same 1980s moves which are overstimulatingly powerful that Bruno, Jhack and Ami couldn't beat them. The ghosts are led by a Cuban man in a zoot suit named Emperor Johnny or EMPRR, along with a Caucasian man wearing window blinds for lenses named Cool Shadé and an African man with a high top afro named Daryl. They never party on Tuesdays as well.
  • Rhymez: Voice of Kid Cudi (English). A Puerto-Rican rapper who was a senior at the Knob Haven High School and often competes in rap battles with other students. He is accompanied by his emcee Tiny Timmy Scratch It! (voice of Tyler the Creator) and the rest of his crew/possie. Rhymez is not seen without his trademark baby blue hoodie and his New York baseball cap. As his name impies, he has a habit of rhyming and makes awkward hip-hop gestures when he rhymes ("No one can stop my rhymes, i do it all the time."). Timmy is never seen without his sunglasses and always speaks with his golden microphone and shouts his catchphrase "WHAT WHAT?". Bruno accidentally spilled mashed potatoes on his hoodie when his book containing the superhero crystal in it landed on it due to a fight with Jhack and challenged him to a rap battle. He takes offense if anyone rhymes at his face. He later gave him the book back and became friends with him in exchange for a non-rhyming apology and dry cleaning his hoodie. His name is based on rapper Busta Rhymez.
  • Lou Gubrious: Voice of Dee Bradley Baker (English). A banshee-man who is cursed to cry eternity for his misdeeds 1000 years ago. Lou is a smart scientist who has developed the Miseray in order to make the people of Knob Haven cry for eternity. When activated, everyone started to cry non-stop. Lou later changed into a happy go-lucky man with an outbeat smile and an obnoxious laugh named Hal Arious and takes away Bruno's Happiest Boy in the World Trophy along with it, even so much as changing the city's name to Sob Haven. The ray seemed to have lifted his curse. THe only cure to stop the ray is laughter and by telling one funny joke, the ray's effects will be undone. Hal slipped on a banana peel and broke his face causing laughter amongs the town. As punishment, he is forced to cry tears for waterfalls in the Log Cabin ride at the school county fair and claims that his laughter is the cause of his pain ("It only hurts when I laugh"). He is seen with a cloud over his head. When he's Hal, his appearance is similar to Mickey Mouse.
  • Lord Cartrimon: Voice of YouTube sensation Toby "Tobuscus" Turner (English). An extraterrestrial intergalactic video game sprite who is the lord and ruler of the planet Nintendu 64 (based on Nintendo 64 console). A tyrannical leader who knows how to play almost every single video game. He and the Nintendians have been overtaken the homes of many Segastrians (based on Sega Master System) and Gameguys (based on Game Boy) and they play for keeps in the Land of Games. There rival team is the Milatari featuring General Pac-Man and his army of Ghost Knights and Galaga the Ship RIder. His Nintendian army includes the robot from Bezerk, Donkey Kong, Burger Time's Mr. Egg, Lupin III from the laserdisc game Cliff Hanger (voice of Tony Oliver reprising his role) and Q*Bert (voice of Billy West). His name is based on Lord Garmadon from LEGO Ninjago and his name is based on "cartridge", the source of NES, SNES, N64, Atari and Sega games.
  • Oliver "Vomo" Nicholai: Voice of Sacha Baron Cohen (English). A Laotian American man who is the ruler and emperor of Appleton, a town where humor and jokes are forbidden. Vomo had a hatred for the April Fool due to an incident when he was young with a clown in his birthday party that caused his deceased father's prowsed possession that he gave to his son, a golden feather, disappeared causing him to hate all jokes and funny clowns ever since. He possesses a black eye known as the Yashagun which was a special eye technique that allows people to see the blood ranks and there next moves. The only two people with that power is Ennis Hofftard and him. Vomo then finds out that his feather was found in the dirt buried by his pet dog who found it beneath the clown's pants. Vomo came to the side of good and apoligized to the April Fool and grant him permission to enter Appleton.
  • Mo of the Blades: Voice of Scott McCord (English). A dangerous pixie who is obsessed with cutting people's hair. He was captured by the ISS for damaging people's hair but was freed by the Crook Thief. He is psycotically insane, even more than Stuart Prozakian, and is a talented singer and usually sings when cutting people's hair. Mo's weapon is his long bladed scissors/shears.
  • Satori Takotocha: Voice of Steven Blum (English). A human production coordinator who's duty is to deliver the files and finished reel tapes of the new Captain Hopper cartoon series. He is treated negatively by the animation crew due to his laziness and lack of work effict. Satori wishes to be the time of the charm but due to his laziness, was fired and murdered every single production staff. His co-workers include Michael Horowitz (voiced by series creator Mitch Hurwitz) the director who makes him very mad and often attacks him at every way possible, executive producer Bjorn Magnuson (voiced by real life producer Magnus Scheving) who is stressed out about the budget, voice artist Sylvester Calzon (voiced by real life voice artist David Moo) who was murdered out of spite, film editor Dean Lovato (voiced by Will Arnett) who had to cut some footage because Satori lost it, background desigher Slicken Minamori (voiced by Rod Goodwell) who's finest background was folded by Satori and color editor Patty Marochious (voiced by Cheri Oteri).
  • The Underlings: Various voices. A league of orphans, based on The Runaways from Marvel Comics and The Lost Boys from the 1993 Hook film. They often stalk at the night of Thanksgiving often devouring other peoples food before they say Grace which they reply by shouting "Grace". They live in a treehouse near a dumpster. There are four members.
    • Tyrone Williams/Omega Dog: Voiced by Donald Glover (previously voiced Rolf). The leader of the gang who is a werewolf boy transforming into a full werewolf when seeing the full moon or anything that looks like the moon similar to Fangface from the 1978 cartoon show of the same name. Omega is a gangsta rapper man who is second in command and often busts some rhymes. He is seen with a lollipop in his mouth, similar to Sanji from One Piece. He is based on Rufio from The Lost Boys in the film Hook, in fact his actor Dante Basco did numerous voices in the show.
    • Grace Anderson: Voiced by Grey DeLisle. The defacto leader of the gang and the youngest member. She wears a toque over her head. She is the leader of all television remotes sporting 1000 kinds. She is the only member fully human.
    • Lane Hyonda/Prosthetic Lane: Voiced by Tara Strong (Twilight Sparkle voice). An Electric Skeleton girl with a body structure made out of electricity and robotics which is how she got the game. She serves as the brains of the gang. She sports nice blond hair.
    • Lars Johnson: Voiced by Peter Oldring. A Scandinavian American beast who looks human but can transform into a demon at will sporting green skin similar to the Incredible Hulk. He speaks in third person and serves as the muscle of the group.
  • Lucy the Bad Little Witch: Voiced by Tabitha St. Germain. The daughter of Sunikura and an evil witch. Lucille loves stealing other people's stuff as trade and is considered mentally psycotic. Lucy sports her moon book which contains a list of spells. She is accompanied by her familiar, Sam who is her brother. Her name is a take on Lucifer. Her name is also a take on Wendy the Good Little Witch from Casper and her appearance is based on Blair from Soul Eater.
    • ​Sam: Voiced by Mona Marshall (as Linus). Lucy's half-human/half-goat demon familiar who accompanies her in every way possible. He was originally Lucy's brother, and Sunikura's only son, named Linus being full human but used her magic to mutate him part goat demon and making him lose all memory, free will and humanity making him a familiar. Sam's name is a play on Samael. There relationship and names are based on Linus and Lucy van Pelt from Peanuts. His appearance is based on Hellboy.
  • Vampire Bats: These vampire bats hide in the shadows of the Knob Haven jungle searching for blood. Whenever they come out in day sunlight, they always get attacked. So far, only two bats have been shown.
    • Slurpy: Voice of Dexter's Laboratory's Eddie Deezen. The brains of the duo, colored blue and shaped like a gord. He speaks in a heavy Transylvanian accent and is known to be the Master of Disguise since he can pull off with any look without being noticed.
    • Teddy: Voice of Rob Paulsen. The moronic one of the duo. He speaks in a German accent, reminiscent to Paulsen's role of Dr. Otto Scratchinsniff from Animaniacs. Overweighted, he always goes Beddy-bye Time at 2:00pm and is very dim witted.
  • Clown Knights: Various voices. A league of teenage juvenile delinquents dressed up as clowns or mimes as they roam around Knob Haven disrupting school property. They are based on the combination of the Jokerz from Batman Beyond and the Rodeo Clowns from Jimmy Two Shoes.
    • Fred Duchess/Maestro: Voice of Rob Paulsen (as Maestro) and Eddie Deezen (as Fred). The leader of the Clown Knights. He was originally a perfectionist student at Knob Haven for two years until his mother pushed him to the level where he dropped out and went to the life of crime. His appearance is based of J-man from Batman Beyond. His name is a parody of Fred Dukes (Blob) from X-Men.
    • Punko: Voice of Jess Harnell. A Cockney-accented Clown Knight who wears a jester like hat and has an overbite. He is of English descent. He is in charge of the pie supply.
    • Donna Dorsell/Deedo: Voice of Cree Summer. An African-American teenage girl who has the ability to clone herself. She is the granddaughter of Francisco Douchebog, Willard's cousin and joined the gang to get away from her life of riches. Her attitute is based on Foxxy Love from Drawn Together (coincidentally Cree, Jess and Tara worked on both series).
    • Chucko: Voice of Tom Kenny. The mute member of the gang. When he does speak (only once), he has a high pitched voice. He is the muscles of the group.
    • Kiyoko Subare/Oko: Voice of Janice Kawaye. The second female member, of Japanese descent, who is dressed up as Harley Quinn. She has a gun that she uses to shoot her opponents. She is of Japanese descent and is fluent in both languages.

One-time characters

  • Johnathan Kimble: Voice of Gilbert Gottfried. A former woodshop teacher and Larry Littlejunk's former friend who was obsessed with the free hat in the local diner at 2007. He kept thinking about how to win the Desayando dos Huevos Challenge (Eggs Breakfast Challenge/Eggscellent Challenge). He ate only the eggs for a period of time. He kept a journal to keep track of his progress. One day, he showed up, excitingly, he shouted "I figured it out" in the style of Archimedes' Eureka. But the people didn't show up due to his previous attemps. When he left, he was never seen again. He presumbaly died after Bruno saw his corps in the Eggscellent dimension.
  • Dickie Roy Jones: Voice of Bobcat Goldthwait. A teenage boy from 1985 who was transformed into a monster by Sunikura at the school prom and he was frozen by the Number 8 of 1985. He was the prom date to the then-obese Helen Klench and misses her dearly. When they reunite, he aged so much that he died.
  • Malcolm Snowflake: Voice of Phil LaMarr. The Inuit lead basketbal player at the school's basketball team. Being born from Alaska, he can take the cold from the court of the scary hall, a mystical location that no person would dare to play. Malcolm's voice is similar to Samurai Jack, alother character Phil plays.
  • Joseph: Voice of Carlos Alazraqui. An Australian constructor who is part beaver from his family's DNA of genetic beaver DNA thus giving him a beaver tail. Joseph wishes to be a drummer but has been disaproved by his father going against his wishes of playing "skins" and maing him a construction worker on concerete instead. He is in charge of building a dam. Joseph hates music ever since, despite enjoying drums. He speaks in a heavy Australian and Brooklyn accent. After being totally convinced by Ami to become a drummer again, he quits his job and starts jamming ("I AINT NEVER GONNA DO NO MORE CONCRETE!"). He is now a drummer at the Bongo Flat, a beatnik club in Tangamandapio (Upsidedowntown).
  • The Monday School: Voices of Ted McGinley, Lance Armstrong, Kel Mitchell, Bill Fagerbakke, Jennifer Hale and Adam Sandler. One of the rival schools of Upsidedowntown High that serve as a rich, upperclass rival/clone of the school itself. The principal is a man named Sal Sezyez (Mitchell) and their faculty is a skateboarder named Dennis Offmard (Armstrong), a courageous Italian teacher named Wilson Italianorm (McGinley), an army fighter named Wonder Shrink (Hale), an exact clone of Larry who is the normalest of the gang named Sammy Smalltrunk (Sandler) and a Russian janitor named Mopey (Fagerbakke). There is also a cheerful happy go lucky librarian named Heather Klutch and a homosexual (not mentioned) drama teacher named Arnold LeGustadas; none of them speak though.
  • Osabaabaa Jenkins: Voice of Marlon Wayans. An African pygmy leader of the tribe; direct cousin of Rolf Madruga who is often mailed food to help build houses.
  • The April Fool: Voice of comedian Howie Mandel. The icon of April Fools Day and the typical prankster. He is the maker of several riddles, jokes and practical tricks. He orignally came from Appleton and was the main entertainer of the gang. But when Vomo was elected as emperor, due to his hatred of clowns, outlawed humor in Appleton, closed down his joke shop, ran him out of town to the Pocus Maze and said he wasen't funny. But after Vomo learned his ways, he let the fool come back in town. It may assume that he is oriental as his lunch and gourmet food is Japanese dishes such as udon noodles and onigiris. He has a friend named Hatoro who is in charge of making fortune cookies.
  • Cole Fusion: Voice of Jeff Bennett. A muscular man with the power to control fire and ice; and creating a storm, hench his name. He often uses his powers for greed and tries to earn money for himself.
  • Warren Peace: Voice of Shia LaBeouf. A teenage misfit boy who is the son of a superhero woman and a supervillain man; and was gifted with the ability of fire. His bones were made of fire and his eyes become flames. He was originally decipted as a villain but as he was conceived by Bruno, he joined to the side of good, left his past behind him and became a superhero.
  • King Tutankarmen: Voiced by Jimmy Fallon of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. An Egyptian mummy brought back to life trying to curse anyone who shouts the ancient mummy curse: "hanky-panky-stinky-doo-wakey-wakey-toodlewoo". He first appeared in Bruno Ate My Homework voiced by Jeff Bennett. That episode, he was eaten alive by Bruno and Dennis. He later appeared again in the episode The Mummys Curse, trying to kill Jhack for saying the curse. This also reveals on how the king died. In the ancient times, he had to wore ancient variations of braces for five years and as his last day past by, it was time for removal but ran away due to being afraid he might get more braces. He died a horrible fate from being crushed by falling rocks. Bruno later traveled back in time and saved him and took him to the royal medican doctors to remove the braces. At the time of his youth except when he speaks to Bruno, he only spoke in Arabic; exclaiming how Happy's ancestor also appeared.
  • Dennis Richards: Voiced by Tom Kenny. A troubled student who build an Egyptian diarama to get a good grade to escape summer school. Then, Bruno tate his diarama but made up for it when he brought him a real life Egyptian pyramid. Unfortunatley, it got destroyed all the way home. When he come back, he exclaimed the mummy curse that brought King Tut back to life and chased them all around. Him and Bruno ate the mummy like spaghetti saving him from summer school.
  • Mr. Reginald: Voiced by Nick Kroll. A metrosexual detention teacher in-charge of running the detentionary classrooms. His wife left him for a jock and had a crush on a teacher. His son doesn't even like him. He often complains about his life and wishes for love and often harasses the students in detention for it.
  • James: Voiced by Brian Druesome. A lowly single man living in a neighborhood who complains his unemployment and his bad lifestyle. He only appeared in two episodes. In the original series, he is displayed as a drunken man who drinks too much alcohol and gets depressed easily. In the English version, he becomes a depressed whining bum.
  • Gabriel and Samuel: Voiced by Brian Druesome. Two children that cause mischief. Gabriel is the oldest of the bunch and speaks in a sarcastic-like tone. Samuel is the youngest at age six who always says his catchphrase "Me too mee too" when agreeing with Gabriel.
  • Daddy Googoo: Voiced by Brian Druesome. The father of teenage Vanessa (voice of Tress MacNeille) who always speaks in parenting baby talk adoring his daughter, aka his little Googoo.
  • Mitch: Voiced by Rob Paulsen in his first appearance and Atul Rao in his second appearance. An Arab American teenager who works at the Snacketerium as a cashier. In his first appearance, he speaks in a California surfer dude accent while in his second appearance, he speaks in a Bavarian-esque accent mixing his English lines with Arabic words; often using an Arabic-English dictionary. At both versions, when he cannot answer a question, he responds with "I'll have to ask my manager".
  • Xandir Wifflebottom: Voiced by Jack Plotnick reprising his role. A video-game character parody of Link who is from Comedy Central's Drawn Together. As the totally gay video game adventurer, he is always on a never ending quest to save his girlfriend (later boyfriend due to being gay). He appeared in the episode "The Garage Sale" with Jack Plotnick repising his role buying forks for his girlfriends' birthday and later getting them for free. The creators, who wrote his scene, wanted Xandir to still be gay but the creators of Bruno could not allow it due to parental conserns but payed them the copyright price to allow them to use the character.
  • Kevin: Vocal effects by John Dimaggio. A Vermanion (dust bunny like species) who is one of the few people who loves eating Bruno's Foofnscoops recipe. Kevin calls his clan to dine at Bruno's Catering Company and to hammer Happy, Miracle and Larry but the clan try to push the barrel they were trapped in to a cliff, so Bruno decides to dump his recipe in the cliff and order them to leave.
  • Jam: Voiced by Phil LaMarr. A ghetto grape-worm living in a tainted sushi that Bruno ate. He made home in Bruno's ear and try to scare away his friends.
  • Foreigntine: Voiced by Scottie Ray. The poultrygeist spirit of the Turducken that took over Bruno and try to take over the Thanksgiivng festival. He turns his neck around, sticks his tongue around and dances the Bootsie Roll (parody of the Tootsie Roll).


  • The Tanukis: Voiced by The Aquabats. Superheroes disguised as rock stars each gaining there own superpower. Since Bruno became a superhero himself, he rarely calls him that much but sometimes they do make some appearances.
  • School of Destruction: Voices of Jess Harnell (Betty), Jim Cummings (Mary Tyler) and Mitch Hurwitz (Dorothy and Brittney). An English rock-and-roll band aimed at children; from Liverpool, based on KISS and The Beatles. They are homosexual (stated by Hurwitz not directly) millionaire rockstars that tend to cross dress and have female names with retchid names between them and wear makeup. The leader is Betty Bombast in vocals, Mary Tyler Morbid in air guitar, Brittney Knives in bass and Dorothy Vader in drums. The mascot is Bety's pet iguana, Iggy. Mary mentions of having a sick puppy. They have a Japanese manager named Mr. Toshiro, a Chinese secretary, a Swiss agent and two Hungarian bodyguards named Brutus and Igor.
  • Huet: Voiced by Justin Chon (first appearance) and James Sie (second appearance). A Korean-American student who is the leader of a choir boy named known as the Harmonies. He is Jhack Lemon's arch rival in music as he often competes against him; although Huet always loses. The Haromies can sing in perfect haromy, hench there name, and can even rap similar to the Vocapeople.
  • Jinxed Girls: Voiced by Tara Strong (Pines), Grey DeLisle (Moona) and Cree Summer (Wind). Gothic dressed teenage girls that sing rock and roll with vampiric features. They are rebellious and they sometimes use surfer slang. They are based off the Hex Girls from Scooby Doo.
  • Skatoonup: Voiced by Ziggy Marley (Hiccup Speaks). A ska-genre band from Kingston that were very popular during the 1950s. Obsessed with power, they commited suicide in order to think of a new song. As soon as they were resurrected, they realize that pop and rock and roll took over the age. So, they decide to curse anyone to listen to there songs. Dave Wakeling sings the songs of the band. There name is based on the Canadian animated variety show, Skatooney.
  • Junichi Tashimoto: Voiced by Robert Ito. A Japanese sushi chef from City Sushi located in the Asian part of Knob Haven. Junichi is a honest, hard working person who always gives people second changes regardless of there behavior. He is based on Junichi Takiyama from South Park.
  • Jon Schyung: Voiced by James Sie. A Chinese immigrant who works in BF Wangs, a Chinese restaurant in the Asian part of Knob Haven. He sometimes has rivalries with Junichi Tashimoto of City Sushi, being against Japanese people calling them Japanese dogs. He has an 8-year old daughter named Daisy (voiced by Jade-Lianna Peters) who he pushes to get perfection from her, and she is a terrible singer. He still hold the grudge on Bruno for leaving Daisy in the ceiling during the school play. He hangs up pictures of celebrities that enter his restaurant. He is based on Dr. Jamus/Thoug Lun Kim from South Park.
  • Kwakoo: Voiced by Keone Young. A Taiwanese chef from BF Wangs who guards the exit in case someone dines and dashes. Kwakoo's decision to work here disappointed his dad as evidenced from his Squid song "Chop Chop Chop the Squid... Disappoint my father."
  • Carlton Krease: Voiced by Jess Harnell. A blonde haired boy from the rival school Mono-Boat High; where he and his brother Troy (also by Harnell) imtimidate Bruno and Jachk with there overtucked sweaters and there tennis matches. There animation is based on teenagers from Filmation series and there attitute is based on Ryoma from The Prince of Tennis.
  • Zero: Voiced by David Kaye. An anime superhero based on a character from Ami's favorite manga. He was brought to life from a virtual Network Interface Trading Card and is on a quest to fight Tangu. He is based on many superhero anime characters.
  • Mr. Kato and Mr. Kato: Voiced by Bob Ito. Two Japanese investors that was about to give Knob Haven a billion dollar check. They are accompanied by there American interpreter (voiced by Julie Kato).

Changes to the original series

  • None of the original actors from the original series except Mona Marshall reprise their role due to being too expensive, so they had to be replaced with other veteran actors.
  • Unlike the original series where it placed heavinly on Mexican and Japanese culture, it was Americanized for American, Icelandic and Mexican culture instead. Although one full episode focused only on a Mexican-Japanese Culture Festival which became a song in the show, composed by Danny Jacos of Phineas and Ferb.
  • All Spanish text was changed to English. Japanese text remain unedited.
  • The setting was known as Upsidedowntown until seasons later where it becomes Knob Haven so Hurwitz can continue on the SIt Down Shut Up timeline.
  • Bruno loses his makeup but regains his nails.
  • Little Tokymexico, the original setting of the series, was referenced in one Christmas special.
  • Bruno's cowardness was toned down since he becomes a superhero himself.


All Spanish culture was changed to more of an American culture. Also, since the network is using video clips from the FOX animated series, Sit Down Shut Up, there was some edits to make it more family-friendly and funny.

  • Pornography was mentioned alot in the original clips of Sit Down Shut Up due to being an adult show. This was later changed to Porkometry, magazines filled with pictures of chicharron; a Mexican pork dish possibly referring to the fact that Bruno hates pork. The nickname Porno became Porkos and filthies became stinkies.
  • Andrew LeGustambos' bisexuality was never mentioned and it was toned down a little but still kept.
  • Any mention or showing of Miracle Grohe's nudity was ommited all together.
  • Ennis' perversion is toned down.
  • Curse and swear words were changed to appropriate words such as "Dang it" and "Heck". The "ass coach/ass principal" jokes were removed and changed to vice.
  • The characters' last names were problems. Larry's last name, Littlejunk, was changed to Anderson for the majority of the first season but was reverted in the second season. The same thing happened to Willard Deutschebog, changing to Deutscheland until later. Andrew LeGustambos' last name was LeGustidos until the second season where it reverts' back.
  • Larry calling Miracle "stupid" was later changed to "crazy" due to harsh language.
  • Any religious lines such as Muslim talk or terrorist relations or racist words were removed. (EX: Hey Happy, take books, burn like American flag, got it? or "I guess breasts must be scary Muslim talk for **s.")
  • Stuart Proszackian's breasts were kept but the scene where it shakes was removed and they talk about his shirt instead. ("If I stop taking the pills, this hideous/ugly breasts/shirt would go away?)
  • Steroids were changed to vitamins and female hormones were changed to sugar pills. Also, Stuart's breasts implants were changed to gaining an "ugly" grey shirt for taking the pills. Hamlock (the flower Miracle gave to the gang) was changed to the Sleepy Lotus Flower. Wine was edited into juice. Beer was changed to root beer. Marajuana and other references to smoking was removed. Cigarettes and lighters were replaced with lollipops. Any liquor is replaced with brain juice.
  • Any sexual content such as teachers hiding in students lockers, the nut sack joke, women pinkie, man hole, jigglies/business (testicles), any showings of private part clothing or attire such as a bra or a protection cup was deleted or repainted as something else or re-lined ("Where's my little nut sack, don't tell me I wiggled them in", the line wiggled them in was removed).
  • One scene, Stuart Proszakian was a Drivers Ed teacher and since his car had two wheels, each time he pretened to be American on the right and British on the left. At one point, as British, he said "Care for some fish and chips, mate?" and as an American, he responded "There called fries, T-bag". The line was ommitted and changed to "idiot".
  • A deleted scene featured Bruno bringing exercising sperm cells into Gonad's Gym. Larry Littlejunk and Miracle Grohe were surprised to actually see them. The sperm cells start overexercising causing Bruno to receive a severe testical problem. This was later deleted but was released on DVD. The scene later reappeared but the sperm cells were repainted as white blood cells, overdubbed as such and Bruno complains of a stomacheache instead.
  • In the original Spanish version, the location for the sequel series is Tangamandapio. This was Americanized into Upsidedowntown, just like the original series. All text that says Tangamandapio is either removed or altered into Upsidedowntown or other text relating to the location.
  • A joke in one of the episodes was edited to make it more senses. As some of the gang were sad because Vivvy, a princess, was going away and Rushty didnt care, they all insulted him. They said "savage", "cabeza hueca" (blockhead), "idiota" (idiot) and "estilo tres de espana" (three sword style). Jhack respons that three sword style is not an insult which Bruno respons as "estilo de la espana cuadruple" (four sword style). In the American version, they called him "stinkhead", "bird brain", "moose brain" and "Rushty brain". Bruno's second response is "Jhack brain" and Jhack says "Try Bruno brain".
  • Some of Rolf's jokes are changed because it wasen't deemed funny for American viewers and they needed to be localized for the English language. An example from the Japanese version is that a street thug says to Rolf "Totto to kiero" meaning "Hurry up and get lost". Then, a cutaway gag shows Rolf dressed up as a clown balancing on a ball with makeup on his face, a hat on his head and balancing three plats on his figures and responding as "Otto to Pierrot" meaning "Wobby Pierrot" (a pierrot is a clown like performing artist) which was word play of the Japanese language causing them to beat him up. In the English version, the thug says "Get lost you clown" influencing Rolf to do a joke about clowns; "Ok, clowns. Why do they wear perfume? So they smell funny." and they proceed to beat him up. Another one is when Jhack said "Shini jo nai nen" meaning "I wasen't talking about you", influencing Rolf to make Jhack wear a Cinderella dress and shouted "Cindrella Jen". It was Americanized for Jhack to say "I wasen't being addressed" incluencing Rolf to say "Speaking of a dress, you look good in one".

Merrie Melodies

  • Laser Beam
  • Moostache
  • Christmas Rules
  • Drifitng Apart
  • Bad Decisions
  • I Love to Sing-A
  • Parade Float
  • Jhack's Memorial
  • My Zing
  • Wonderful Bruno
  • Ori's World
  • Yori's America
  • Naru's Quiet Time
  • What Am I to You? (aka You Are My Best Friends in the World/The Truth)
  • Scat
  • We're In the Zone
  • All Day Jam
  • Comin to Life
  • Good to Go
  • Chunky
  • What's My Line
  • Long Eared Driter
  • HA-Ha-Ha (The Laughing Song)
  • There You Are
  • Time to Go Home
  • Making Faces


A crossover was made between Bruno and Lauren Faust' My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic titled Bruno and the Moondogs, Bruno in Ponyville, My Little Pony and Bruno, and My Little Pony: Recipe for Disaster. All of the cast reprsie their roles. A deal was made between Anima Estudios, Rough Draft Korea Co, Hasbro Studios and DHX Media Studios to produce it. The Ponies and the Bruno characters switch animation styles when they enter Upsidedowntown or Ponyville. The Bruno characters are shown in the MLP style and The MLP characters are shown in the Bruno style. It aired in June 10, 2013 as the first The Hub original movie. The Merrie Melody I Love to Sing-A was played with the song The Zing played.

This is the first Bruno project to have the most character debuts and actors and was the last Bruno project produced by Rough Draft Korea Co. with Cookie Jar Entertainment before selling to 9 Story Entertainment. This was also the last Bruno project directed in Mexico by Chespirito before he retires and gave the executive producing to his son Roberto Gomez Fernandez; and now Chespirito only serves as the supervising producer for the Spanish versions.

A Dan Vs. crossover was going to be in production but since Dan Vs. was canceled, the project was scrapped.

A crossover with Transformers Rescue Bots is in production. Unlike the other crossovers, it's a Transformers episode with only Bruno, Crook Master and Sunikura appearing and designed in the Rescue Bots animation.

Guest stars

In the English version, many veteran voice actors were used as guest stars such as Tara Strong and Grey DeLisle. As the show progresses, many guest stars are used. Due to the faculty members mostly appearing in Arrested Development, some actors from that show appear as the voices or other FOX shows such as The Office.

  • Steve Carell - Brutus Jackson/Number 9, Professor von Slickenstein (using his Gru voice)
  • Neil Patrick Harris - Doomageddon
  • David Cross - Number 8 of 1985
  • Bobcat Goldthwait - Dickie Jones
  • Gilbert Gottfried - Jonathan Kimble
  • Ted McGinley - Wilson Italianorm
  • Lance Armstrong - Dennis Offmard
  • Jennifer Hale - Wonder Shrink
  • Adam Sandler - Sammy Smalltrunk
  • Kel Mitchell - Sal Sezyez
  • Bill Fagerbakke - Braddock Pueblo "Mopey" Fu-nk Nunbar
  • Michael Cera - Number 7 of 1975
  • John Krasinski - Number 6 of 1966
  • Tay Zonday - Number 5 of 1955
  • George Takei - Number 4 of 1183
  • Malcolm McDowell - Number 3 of 1023
  • Jason Isaacs - Number 1 of Dimension X
  • Howie Mandel - April Fool
  • Tyler the Creator - Tiny Timmy Scratch It
  • Kid Cudi - Rhymez
  • Mitchell Hurwitz - Himself, Michael Horowitz, Coop
  • Biz Markie - Rhymez, Tiny Timmy Scratch It
  • Jason Marsden - Timmy Beob
  • Eddie Deezen - Slurpy, Fred Duchess
  • Seth MacFarlane - Airplane Man
  • Jimmy Fallon - King Tut
  • Ziggy Marley - Hiccup Speaks
  • Dave Wakeling - Skatoonup
  • Chord Overstreet - Dustin Bee
  • Sean Kingston - Auto T
  • Selena Gomez - Madam Googoo


Similar to Scooby-Doo and other cartoon series, this series features direct-to-DVD or direct-to-BluRay videos produced for the show and released into stores. Only about three movies were only available in Mexico (clips of Sit Down Shut Up was dubbed in Spanish as well) and only one was available in Japan (the original production of Bruno was in Japan so they also own some of the rights).

After the release of Bruno and the Mumbo Maniac (based on the 1988 Puerto Rican film Salsa) and Bruno and the Greaser (based on the film Grease starring John Travolta), Chespirito and Mitchell are currently doing a series of direct-to-DVD that are based on comedic musical films focusing on adolestic characters. Some of the videos feature a Merrie Melody and at least one cartoon featured the Roman Siblings segment.

Holiday specials

Bruno is known for creating various holiday specials.

Halloween specials (Once Upon a Tale)

The Halloween specials are known as the Once Upon a Tale episodes, name parodying the TV series Once Upon a Time. These episodes are based on the Treehouse of Horror episodes from The Simpsons along with Terror Tales from the Park from Cartoon Network's Regular Show. Each episode is shown on Halloween daily.

  • EP01 - Real and Scary: Halloween aroses the town of Knob Haven and Bruno wishes on a magical genie that all Halloween based creatures become real and scary.
  • EP02 - Monster Jr High: This episode is based on the Monster High webisodes. Bruno, as Frankenstitch, Ami as Dracumoona and Jhack as Clawdred Star have to pass a Gruesome Test by the ghoul teachers.
  • EP03 - Monster And Ghoul School: This episode is based on a combination of AAAHHH!!! Real Monsters from Nickelodeon and the 1988 film Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School. Bruno, as a vampire, Jhack as a werewolf and Ami as a wolf along with the monstrous faculty have to face against a rival school Semi Pros in a volleyball championship but are being faced by an evil witch who tries to control both schools. The episode is animated by Klasky Csupo who did Real Monsters.
  • EP04 - Hallobeanus: It's Hallobeanus during the Hottest time of the year where everyone trick or treats. Sue, portrayed as the Grinch, is waiting for the Great Gourd to help lift her spirits. This episode parodies It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
  • EP05 - Hallowgeniuses/Meatman: The only two 11-minute Haloween specials. The first part is where the kids celebrate Halloween inside the school where Sue is staying for the night. The second part is where due to there behavior, they've been served canned meat for lunch and they make it come alive with there imaginations but gets envious of there playtime together.

Christmas specials

Only four Christmas specials were produced. The first two were old Christmas specials from the original series, Bruno, displayed as "Two years earlier..." to symbolize the location change:

  • EP01 - Christmas Party: The neighborhood in the Vecinidad is hosting a Christmas party and all they need is to find a wilderness tree from the forrest.
  • EP02 - The Gift of Christmas: The gang celebrate Christmas outside and Bruno writes down his Christmas wish in a piece of paper and tries to tie it in a balloon to mail it to Santa. This was the last episode AF Dubbing House did for Bruno until months later; which is why torta de jamon was called a jelly sandwich than a ham sandwich.
  • EP03 - Hey Hey It's Xmas: Bruno tries to bring the true meaning of Christmas to Knob Haven. So he tries to get Knish Knish, a Santa Claus-esque being to help. In order to do that, he needs to build a good Schmingerbread House. This episode is based heavingly on the Peanuts cartoon "A Charlie Brown Christmas".
  • EP04 - A Christmas Bruno: The latest Christmas special and most popular. Over an hour long, Bruno runs away from Knob Haven to go to Little Tokymexico after a contract dispute with principal Sue Sezno in which a guardian angel named Giovanni (voice of Taylor Lautner) teaches him a lesson by making it seem that Bruno never came to Knob Haven. Meanwhile, Sue is visited by the Ghost of Mexican Christmas Past & Present to change her greedy attitute but after realziing her backstory, which she lost her son, they decide to hate christmas until the Ghost of Christmas Future tells Sue that her son will come back to her. Also, Larry tries to ask Miracle out on Christmas. This cartoon special parodied A Christmas Carol, Santa Claus is Coming to Town and various over specials.

Other specials

  • An easter special known as "The Rotten Egg" is in the works.
  • Bruno Ruins Thanksgiving: A Thanksgiving special where Bruno accidentally ruins the thanksgiving dinner and enters a singing contest to buy a Turducken. Guest voice of Darran Norris as Guy Rich, Ryan Seacrest as the announcer, Chord Overstreet as Justin Bieber-parody Dustin Bee, Sean Kingston as Drake-esque Auto T and Selena Gomez as Lady Gaga wannabee Madam Googoo. Chord, Sean and Selena along with some of the background actors sang the song "Chewing on Freedom".
  • New Year of Torture: Based on "Rudolph's Shiny New Year", Father Time orders Bruno as the elf leader to help find the runaway Baby New Year who ran due to his enormous ears, before Aeon the Terrible who is close at his death rate until he gates the baby, gets him first. The second subplot is Jack Frost, jealous of Frosty's more successment and the humans of January Junction, wants to become human and marry Elisa before Kubla gets her. The third subplot is Larry ordered by Sue to make a clock for Knob Haven Park so Santa can visit but a mice family destroys it. Combination of a Christmas and New Year special, it has elements of holiday-themed shows such as "Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas", "A Miser Brother Christmas", "Grandma Got Runover by a Reindeer", "Rise of the Guardians", "Jack Frost", "Frosty's Winter Wonderland", "The Legend of Frosty the Snowman", "Olive the Other Reindeer", "The Grinch" and "Twas the Night Before Christmas". Featuring the guest voices of Edward Asner as Santa Claus, Corey Burton as Aeon, Tara Strong as Happy and Holly, Casey Kasem as Father Time and Papa Mouse, Chris Pine as Jack Frost, Bill Fagerbakke as Frosty, Cree Summer as Crystal, Tom Kenny as Tommy Tinkerton and Albert, Phil LaMarr as Walter and Kubla and Dommy and Richard Stans, Kath Soucie as Cousin Mel and Elisa, Jeremy Shada as Jake Spankenheimer, June Foray as Grandma Spankenheimer and Mama, Jess Harnell as Snip and Father Winter and Papa, Stefan Karl as The Grinch, Drew Barrymore as Olive, John Tarantino as Martini and Dan Castellaneta as Mailman. and Grey DeLisle as Cindy Lou Who. Ed gave Santa a Russian accent in homage of Rise of the Guardians. Cheri played Tooth and Tom played Bunnymund.

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