The Little Appetizers is a cartoon series created by Gary Baseman (of Disney's Teacher's Pet). The cartoon series is a mischeviously parody of the Little Rascals cudding that most of the screentime given are the children characters. The cartoon was also animated by Canadian animator Danny Antonucci (of Ed, Edd n Eddy fame) giving the series a Squigglevision type look. Usually, each episode will censor on a character with the tag "A (name) Cartoon" and the "Filmed in Nelvanimation" tag.


Like the Cartoon Network series "Chowder", each character is named after a type of food. Unlike Chowder, there names are reminenses of regular actual names similar to the name of the food (ex: Tom Ato/tomato)

  • Frank Further: A Caucasian red-headed boy with a red shirt who enjoys playing basketball. His name is based on frankfurther, also known as a hotdog.
  • Ann Chovie: An African American girl who is a major cvhef. She was born in Abuja, Nigeria. Her name is based on anchovie, a fish species mostly served in pizzas.
  • Minnie Stronie: An Indonesian-American girl who loves singing and dancing. Her name is based on minestrone, an Italian soup.'
  • Brock Lee: The oldest of the group, a Belgian-American boy who loves extreme sports and cartoons. His name is based on broccoli, a vegetable.
  • Rick Cotta: A Latino American boy with a sweather west who is the coolest member of the gang. His name is based on ricotta, a dairy topping.
  • Sal Lamie: A Puerto Rican American boy who is very smart. His name is based on salami, a meat product.
  • Vida Minn: A Chinese American girl who loves healthy foods and vitamins, hench her name. His name is based on vitamins, which she is obsessed with.
  • Ida Know: A Scotch-Irish American girl from Boise, Idaho who only says "i dont know", the youngest member of the group and loves potatoes. Her name is based on Idaho, known for being the home of the potatoes, which she is obsessed.
  • Bill Lownie: The new kid of the block, an African-American singer who invented "Stone Soup". His name is based on bologna, a meat product. His appeance is based on Scatman Crotchers.

Minor characters

  • Tom Ayetoh: An albino boy who has nightmares but can control them using positivie thinking. His name is based on tomato, a fruit.
  • Caesar Zalyd: A Laotian boy from Alabama who's father owns a corporation that manufactures water. His name is based on caesar salad.
  • Sol Dreekz: An Indian skateboarder who has sensitive feelings. His name is based on soft drinks, also known as soda.
  • Duncan Ling: A Korean-American oboe player who can swing dance. His name is based on dumpling.
  • Francois Tee Oost: A French-American girl who speaks in French and adores her culture's cooking. Her name is based on french toast.

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