the Little British Girl is Dragonfire810and Disneylover58's parody of the Little Mermaid

Cast Alice as Ariel ( Alice in Wonderland 1951) Wendy as Human Ariel (Peter Pan 1953) Koda as Flounder ( Brother Bear) Basil as Sabastian( the Great Mouse Detective) King Stefan as King Triton ( Sleeping Beauty) Ursula as Herself ( the Little Mermaid) Jim Hawkins as Prince Eric ( Treasure Planet) Toby as Max ( the Great Mouse Detective) Maleficent Dragon (Sleeping Beauty) and Elliott (Pete's Dragon) as Flotsam and Jetsam Uncle Waldo as Scuttle ( the Aristocats) Laxerne as Vanessa ( Kingdom Hearts) Sora as Chef Louis ( Kingdom Hearts) Kari as Lottie ( Kingdom Hearts) LeFou as Grimsby ( Beauty and the Beast)

Alice's sisters by

Aquatta-Anastasia (Anastasia) Andrina- Megera (Hercules) Arista- Princess Eilonwy (the Black Cauldron) Attina -Rapunzel (Tangled) Adella- Esmeralda (the Hunchback of Norte Dame) Alana -Jane Porter (Tarzan)

Shark- Tic- Toc the Crocodile (Peter Pan 1953)

Eric's Crew-Pirates(Peter Pan 1953) & memebers of Orgination X(Kingdom Hearts)

Harold the Seahorse- Zazu (the Lion King)

Various sea creatures

  • Clips from Movies/TV Movie featured
  • Alice in Wonderland 1951
  • Peter Pan 1953
  • Brother Bear
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • the Aristocats
  • the Great Mouse Detective
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Pete's Dragon
  • Anastasia
  • Hercules
  • the Black Cauldron
  • Tangled
  • the Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Tarzan
  • Kingdom Hearts Videos
  • the Little Mermaid
  • the Lion King

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