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Narrator: Now the tradition continues, as one of the world's greatest stories, becomes the newest motion picture classic,

(Margaret raises her head underwater)

Narrator: The Little Cardinal.

Margaret (singing): "We wanna be where the people are. We wanna see, wanna see them dancing. Up where they walk. Up where they run. Up where they stay all day in the sun."

Narrator: It's the story of Margaret, a beautiful young cardinal who wants to become a princess,

Margaret: He's very handsome, isn't he?

Junior: I don't know. He looks kinda hairy and slobbery to me.

(Duke is on the ship)

Margaret: Not that one. The other one.

(Mordecai is on the ship)

Narrator: and she'll strike a bargain with a powerful owl

Fenghuang: Have we got a deal?

(Mordecai appears as an illusion in Fenghuang's cauldron)

Narrator: to make her dream come true.

Fenghuang: What I want from you is, your voice.

Margaret: My voice?

Fenghuang: You got it, sweetcakes.

Spike: Margaret's been turning into a princess.

Eduardo: Have you lost your senses completely?

Kovu: The human world is a mess.

Narrator: Now, the little cardinal is exploring the mysteries of her strange new world.

(Margaret blows the smoke on Skips)

Mordecai: What's your name?

(Margaret can't speak to Mordecai)

Mordecai: What's wrong? You can't speak?

Narrator: But to regain her voice, the owl's spell must be broken,

Junior: Move it! We got an emergency here!

Narrator: broken by the kiss of true love.

Kovu (singing): "Kiss the girl."

(Mordecai and Margaret share their romantic interests while Kovu, Spike, Rigby and Eileen dance with the other characters)

Narrator: It's AnimatedFan195's full-length animated motion picture, featuring dozens of delightful new characters, and 7 magical new songs.

Kovu (singing): "Sha-la-la-la-la-la. Don't stop now. Don't try to hide it how. You wanna kiss the girl."

Narrator: This summer, share the wonder and magic of a very special entertainment event. A fantastic adventure above the waves, and under the sea.

Kovu (singing): "Under the sea."

Shere Khan: Yeeeeoooowwww!!!

Kovu (singing): "Under the sea."

Margaret: Look out!

Spike: Aaaaaahhhhh!!!

Kovu (singing): "When the sardine begin the beguine, it's music to me."

Birds (singing): "Music is to me."

Kovu (singing): "Yeah, we in luck here, down in the muck here. Under the sea."

Narrator: AnimatedFan195's The Little Cardinal.

(Margaret and CJ hold their poses on the rock beneath the water)

Title: The Little Cardinal

Tagline: Coming Soon.

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