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The Little Disney Character that Could is a Disney/The Little Engine that Could. It will made in March 2011 by Smurf3126.


  • Minnie Mouse (from Mickey Mouse) as Tillie
  • and more

Quotes 1

  • Minnie: C'mon, Goofy!
  • Goofy: Hm, hm. Refind toon such as I should never get up this early. It's bad for our walk.
  • Minnie: Oh, that's silly, Goofy!
  • Goofy: And what would you know about it? You're just a switch disney character, pulling real disney characters around the yard.
  • Minnie: Hey! What do you mean "real disney characters"?
  • Colonerl Hati: Stop squabbing! We can't waste a minute!

Quotes 2

  • Colonerl Hati: Happy! Get that Milk Train Wageon rolling!
  • Minnie: On my way, Colonerl.
  • Colonerl Hati: What kind of joke is this?
  • Minnie: It's no joke! I can do it!
  • Colonerl Hati: You're to little, kid!
  • Mickey: What do you know, you overgrown stack of lumber? She is not to little!

Quotes 3

  • Minnie: C'mon, Grumpy!
  • Grumpy: Careful kid. Don't burst a stomach.
  • Minnie: Ha! Are you kidding? Hold on to your tummy!
  • Mickey: Boy, Minnie's sure fired up today!

Quotes 4

  • Happy: Yup, I'd love to. But my "cough" walks isn't what it used to be. And goin over the mountain is too much for me these days. Sorry.

Quotes 5

  • Mickey: You did it, Minnie!
  • Minnie: Yes, I did it. And it was worth it!

Quotes 6 (Final)

  • Baloo:'s my honor to say... that is, I'm pleased annouce... that it is time that we shoud...uh...
  • Marie: Oh, come on already! Let's go!
  • Baloo: Uh... yes... let's... go.

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