The Little Female 2: Return to the Sea (JumpStartMovies Style)

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JumpStartMovies's Movie-spoof of 'The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea'


  • Jess (Jump Start Adventures 6th Grade) as Ariel
  • Zack (Jump Start Adventures 6th Grade) as Prince Eric
  • Darwin (The Amazing World of Gumball) as Flounder
  • Puss in Boots (Shrek series) as Sebastian
  • Huckleberry Hound as Scuttle
  • Uncle Eli (Jump Start Adventures 6th Grade) as King Triton
  • Mother Gothel (Tangled) as Morgana
  • Waren T. Rat/Cat (An American Tail) as Undertow
  • Xerxes (Aladdin the Animated Series) as Undertow (small size)
  • Cheeteta and Cheetayo (Timon and Pumbaa) as Cloak and Dagger
  • Penny Crygor (WarioWare) as Melody
  • Boo Boo Bear and Peter Potamus as Tip and Dash
  • Roswall (Jump Start Adventures 6th Grade) as Max
  • Marlin (Finding Nemo) as Flounder (adult)
  • Undertow's Various Tranformations - The Flying Monkeys (Tom and Jerry and The Wizard of Oz), The Horned King's Guards (The Black Cauldron), Snake Jafar (Aladdin), and Firebird (Fantasia 2000) 

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