The Little Kiddies

The Little Kiddies

20th Universal Goodtimes Century Paramount Productions Movies-spoof of 1994 Universal Pictures film "The Little Rascals"


  • Ethan as Woim
  • Charlie Brown as Waldo
  • Jan Brady as Darla
  • Peter Brady as Alfalfa
  • Benji as Uh-Huh
  • Tamera as Jane
  • Boober as Froggy
  • Tia as Mary Ann
  • TJ Detweiler as Stymie
  • Zowie Polie as Buckwheat
  • Aldo as Butch
  • Arthur Read as Spanky
  • Olie Polie as Porky
  • Tiny as Petey
  • Pickachu as Elmer
  • Plus Many More!

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