(Kaa and Sir Hiss cackles as they congratulate each other.)

(Cut to Madame Catastrophe's cavern. She watches Reedome and Dot standing up in the water in her magic bubble with a smile on her face.)

  • Madame Catastrophe/Ursula: Nice work, boys. That was a close one. (her smile turns into a scowl) Too close! The little tramp! Oh, she's better than I thought.

(Madame Catastrophe swims over to her cupboard and takes out a potion vial and a glass sphere (which contains a butterfly). Then she swims over to her cauldron.)

  • Madame Catastrophe/Ursula: At this rate, he'll be kissing her by sunset for sure. Well, it's time Madame Catastrophe took matter of her own hands!

(She throws the glass sphere and potion into the cauldron. Afterwards, she holds out the necklace containing Dot's voice.)

  • Madame Catastrophe/Ursula: Eugene Krabs' daughter will be mine - and then I'll make him writhe. I'll see him wriggle like a worm on a hook!

(Madame Catastrophe laughs evilly as she transforms into a chipmunk with Dot's voice.)

(Fade to castle at night. Reedome is playing the flute and contemplating as he sits on the balcony, overlooking the sea until Disco Bear, who was looking on from behind a pillar, approaches. Reedome stops playing and sighs sadly.)

  • Disco Bear/Grimsby: Reedome, if I may say, far better than any dream girl, is one of flesh and blood, one warm and caring, and right before your eyes. (he leaves)

(Reedome thinks about this for a minute and sees Dot, who is standing in her bedroom, brushing her fur. When she is finished, she goes to bed. The Young Coyote smiles, but then frowns and sighs sadly as he tosses the flute into the sea. He looks back at Dot's bedroom window.)

(Reedom walks off to go see Dot, but he is distracted by a singing voice. He looks around for the source of the voice.)

(A 6-year-old pink female chipmunk with a red bow top on her head, with buck teeth under her mouth, and black eyes. She also wears a seashell necklace. Her name is Giggles.)

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