FamilyGuyRockz's movie spoof from 1989's "The Little Mermaid"


  • Ariel: Gilda (My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic)
  • Eric: Peter Griffin(Family Guy)
  • Flounder: Littlefoot(The Land Before Time)
  • Sebastian: Donkey(Shrek)
  • Scuttle: Boris(Balto)
  • King Triton: Carter Pewterschmidt(Family Guy)
  • Ursula: Madame Medusa(The Rescuers)
  • Flotsam & Jetsam: Ozzie & Strut(The Land Before Time 2 The Great Valley Adventure)
  • Grimsby: Hank Hill(King of the Hill)
  • Carlotta: Muriel Bags(Courage the Cowardly Dog)
  • Chef Louie: Amos Slade(The Fox and the Hound)
  • Max: Brian Griffin(Family Guy)
  • Sailors during "Farthoms Below": Pirates (The Spongebob Squarepants Movie), Glen Quagmire (Family Guy) & Stan Smith (American Dad)
  • Jig Dancing Sailors: Fairy Tale Characters (Shrek)
  • Harold the Seahorse: Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)
  • Adella: Marge Simpson (The Simpson)
  • Alana: Francine Smith (American Dad)
  • Andrina: Luanne (King of the Hill)
  • Aquata: Bonnie Swatson (Family Guy)
  • Arista: Donna (The Cleveland Show)
  • Attina: Fiona (Shrek)
  • Sailors during the storm: Mr. Krabs (Spongebob Squarepants), The Jamestown crew (Pocahontas), Circus people (Dumbo), Knights (Shrek), Little Creatures (Rock a Doodle), Trainers (Pokemon)
  • Washer Women: Nani (101 Dalmatians), Granny (Looney Tunes) & Tanana (Brother Bear)
  • Ursula as Vanessa: Vicky (The Fairly Oddparents)
  • The Priest: Mayor West (Family Guy)

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