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    • Luchia (Mermaid Melody AKA Pichi Pichi Pitch) as Ariel
    • Teenage Andy (Toy Story 3) as Eric
    • Little Miss Sunshine (The Mr. Men Show) as Grimsby
    • Ferb (Phineas and Ferb) as Flounder
    • Kanga (Winnie the Pooh) as Sebastian
    • Kessie (The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh) as Scuttle
    • Cinderella (Cinderella) as King Triton
    • Chase Young (Xiaolin Showdown) and Thrax (Osismis Jones) as Flotsam and Jetsam
    • Dr. Facilier (The Princess and the Frog) as Ursula
    • Huckleberry Hound as Carlotta
    • Little Miss Calamity (The Mr. Men Show) as Chef Louis
    • Ariel's Sister played by Jane Darling (Peter Pan in Return to Neverland), Kim Possible (Kim Possible) , Petunia Rhubarb (VeggieTales) , Kayley (Quest for Camelot), Floral Rugg (Hibilly Bears) and Princess Jasmine (Aladdin)
    • The Washer Maids played by Yogi Bear, Quick Draw McGraw and Snagglepuss
    • Sailors of the "Fantom Bellows" played by The Muses (Hercules), Yo (Fanboy and Chum-Chum) and Candace Flynn (Phineas and Ferb)
    • Jig Dancing Sailors played by The Mr. Men and Little Misses (The Mr. Men Show)
    • Sailors durring the storm played by Babs (Chicken Run), The Mr. Men and Little Misses (The Mr. Men Show), The Kids Next Door Operatives (Codename: Kids Next Door), Anastasia (Anastasia), The Fireside Girls (Phineas and Ferb), The Ant Colony (A Bug's Life), Sam, Clover and Alex (Tottaly Spies)
    • Baba Looey as Herald the Seahorse
    • Wart (The Sword in the Stone) as Vanessa
    • King Ghidorah (Monster Island Buddies) as Glut The Shark

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