Princess Loriel 03


Lois Griffin as Princess Ariel
Peter Griffin As Prince Eric
Carter Pewterschmidt As King Triton
Babara Pewterschmidt As Queen Athena
Chris Griffin As Flounder
Cleveland Brown As Sebastian
Karen Griffin As Ursula
Tomax & Xamot (G.I. Joe A Real American Hero) As Flotsam And Jetsam, Cloak And Dagger
John Herbert As Morgana
Joe Swanson As Undertow The Tiger Shark
Stewie Griffin As Grimsby
Bonnie Swanson As Carlotta The Maid
Mort Goldman As Chef Louie
Brian Griffin As Max
Glen Quagmire As Scuttle
Meg Griffin As Princess Melody
Bruce The Performance Artist As Harold The Seahorse
Carol Pewterschmidt As Aquata
Jillian Russel Wilcox As Andrina
Joyce Kinney As Arista
Angela As Attina
Donna Tubbs Brown (The Cleveland Show) As Adella
Tricia Takanawa As Alana
Jeff Fischer (American Dad) As Tip
Dr. Elmer Hartman As Dash
Steve Smith (American Dad) As A Urchin
Diane Simmons As Marina Del Ray
Tim The Bear (The Cleveland Show) As Benjamin

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