The Little Miss Whoops and Mr. Bump Comedy Hour is an upcoming spinoff from The Mr. Men Show. The show features Little Miss Whoops and Mr. Bump in their very own TV studio near his house. the show starts on June 27, 2011 on Cartoon Network (US), November 12, 2011 on Milkshake five (UK), and July 4, 2011 on France 5 (France). The show will use Ed Interlock font and will run for 2 hours of each episode.


Mr. Bump's tonsil surgery. info: Mr. Bump gets an operation at the hospital about his tonsels.

Treemazing. info: Miss Whoops and Mr. Bump goes on a vacation to a forest for a week.

Little Miss Hurt's birth. info: Miss Whoops tells her baby daughter Miss Hurt about the day when she was born.

Dr. Little Miss Whoops. info: Miss Whoops plays doctor with Mr. Bump.

Little Miss Whoops gets Sick. info: Miss Whoops got very sick and stays home.

The Great Animal Adventure. info: Miss Whoops and Mr. Bump goes on an adventure.

The Great Sleepover. info: Miss Whoops and Miss Starlow have a sleepover in her bedroom.

Little Miss Whoops and Mr. Bump go on vacation. (Or Little Miss Whoops and Mr. Bump go on holiday in the UK) info: Mr. Bump and his sister Miss Whoops goes on a vacation with Miss Hurt.

Little Miss Whoops and Mr. Bump's Flashback. info: Mr. Bump and Miss Whoops tells the viewers about their flashback as babies with their mother Miss Clumsy and their father Mr. Accident.


Alicyn Packard as Little Miss Whoops

Aaron Albertus as Mr. Bump

Sophie Roberts as Little Miss Hurt

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