Simon Lewis as Frodo Baggins

Raphael Santiago as Samwise Gamgee

Hodge Starkweather as Gollum

Woolsey Scott as Bilbo Baggins

The Angel Raziel as Gandalf

Magnus Bane as Aragorn

Robert Lightwood as Legolas

Max Lightwood as Gimli

Meliorn as Boromir

Malik Safar as Merry

Maia Roberts as Pippin

Camille Belcourt as Arwen

Inquisitor Aldertree as Elrond

Valentine Morgenstern as Sauron

Jonathan Christopher "Sebastian" Morgenstern as Saruman

Alec Lightwood as Eomer

Isabelle Lightwood as Eowyn

Clary Fray as Tauriel

Patrick Penhallow as King Theoden

Jace Wayland as Legolas (Younger)

Consul Malachi as Denethor

The Seelie Queen as Galadriel

Jordan Kyle as Grima Wormtongue

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