The Lore of Blood is a type of power utilized by Lorekeepers in the BZPRPG. It is a Corrupt, Offensive Lore, in the Category of life. It can be used to severely harm and a lot of times, kill the enemy.

Powers and Categorization

The Lore of Blood can be split into various power in two different categories, Poison and Blood Manipulation (On the Lorekeeper's own blood).

  • Blood Manipulation (Master Rank Title: Hemomancer)
    • Creating Weapons out of Blood
    • Healing others with Own Blood
    • Using Blood as a solid shield
    • Manipulation of the blood of others (Master Rank Only)
  • Poison (Master Rank Title: Noxion Adept)
    • Corruption of Water (Requires a sacrifice of own Blood)
    • Creation of deadly poisons (Blood Sacrifice)
    • Mastery over Poison making
    • The ability to form weapons out of Poison (Master-Rank only, requires lots of Blood as a sacrifice)

Notable Lorekeepers

  • Unknown Lorekeeper who used a Long-sword of Blood. Was killed by Brutus and his sword taken.

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