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This case file page is in English.
This page is also available in Romaji, Japanese, and J-E Translation.

Case File
The Lost Turnabout
Trial Date(s)September 8
LocationCourtroom No. 2
VictimDustin Prince
ProsecutorAtty. Winston Payne
DefendantMaggey Byrde
DefenseAtty. Phoenix Wright
Witness ListLarry Butz
Frank Sahwit
VerdictNot Guilty
PerpetratorRichard Wellington
Case ClosedSeptember 8, ? PM

Grr!! How did I get into this mess...?
? ? ?That's far enough!
You can't run forever, Mr. Phoenix Wright!

The Judge appears, gigantic, with Phoenix Wright standing on a cliff.

PhoenixWha...!? What have I done wrong!?
? ? ?I cannot allow you to go on like this!
B-But I'm just a simple defense attorney!
? ? ?Silence!
You are no longer worthy of your title.

The Judge slams his gavel down.

September 8, 9:08 AM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 1

PhoenixWhat a nightmare...
And I bet it was this ringtone that caused it...
I really shouldn't be dozing off right before a trial starts anyway...
PhoenixHuh... looks like they hung up.
? ? ?Ah, good. I finally found it.

? ? ? strikes Phoenix Wright with a fire extinguisher.

? ? ?Talk about a close call. I hate to do this to you, but...
It's nothing personal... Mr. Attorney.

Initial Evidence

Attorney's Badge
Type: Other
One of my possessions.
It's my all-important badge. It shows that I am a defense attorney.

Cell Phone
Type: Other
One of my possessions.
I found this in my pocket, but I don't remember what it means or how it got there.

Dustin's Autopsy Report
Type: Reports
Received during the preliminary hearing.
Time of death: 9/6 at 6:28 PM. Cause: Broken neck. Body was also covered in bruises.

Type: Evidence
Received during the preliminary hearing.
Found under the victim's body. Pieces of near-sighted lenses were found nearby.

Initial Profiles

Maggey Byrde
Age: 22
Gender: Female
My client. The only thing I can recall is that she's a policewoman.

Dustin Prince
Age: 30
Gender: Male
The victim, and a policeman. It seems that he was dating the defendant, Maggey Byrde.

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