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Case File
The Lost Turnabout
Trial Date(s)September 8
LocationCourtroom No. 2
VictimDustin Prince
ProsecutorAtty. Winston Payne
DefendantMaggey Byrde
DefenseAtty. Phoenix Wright
Witness ListLarry Butz
Frank Sahwit
VerdictNot Guilty
PerpetratorRichard Wellington
Case ClosedSeptember 8, ? PM

Speed Run

  • ANSWER: Larry Butz
  • ANSWER: Cindy Stone
  • ANSWER: Hit with a blunt object
  • ANSWER irrelevant
  • ANSWER irrelevant
  • OBJECT: "I remember the time exactly: It was 1:00 PM." - Cindy's Autopsy Report
  • OBJECT: All but last statement - Blackout Record
  • OBJECT: All but first statement - Statue
  • ANSWER irrelevant
  • ANSWER: Went into the apartment
  • ANSWER: Try sounding the clock
  • ANSWER irrelevant
  • ANSWER: Passport
  • ANSWER irrelevant

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