Also known as My Little Loud: Friendship is Magic.


Luna Loud as Twilight Sparkle

Clyde McBride as Spike

Ronnie Anne Santiago as Applejack

Lynn Loud as Rainbow Dash

Lori Loud as Rarity

Leni Loud as Fluttershy

Luan Loud as Pinkie Pie

Maggie as Princess Luna

Lisa Loud as Apple Bloom

Lola Loud as Sweetie Belle

Lana Loud as Scootaloo

Geo as Angel

Charles as Winona

Cliff as Opalescence

Izzy as Gummy

Walt as Owlowiscious

Hops as Tank


Season 1:

1. Friendship is Magic Part 1

2. Friendship is Magic Part 2

3. The Ticket Master

4. Mexican Season

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