• Lucy Loud as Grim Reaper
  • Lana Loud as Billy (both wear red caps on their head)
  • Lola Loud as Mandy (both are blonde, wear pink, are voiced by Grey DeLisle, and are evil little girls)
  • Clyde McBride as Irwin (both are African-American nerds with glasses who have a crush on Blonde Girls)
  • Lynn Sr. As Phil
  • Rita as Claire
  • Liam as Pud'n (both are redheads)
  • Harold as Irwin's Dad
  • Zach as Nergal Jr. (Both wear glasses)
  • Luan as Jack o Lantern (Both are pranksters)
  • Howard as Harold
  • Bratty Kid as Sperg

Version 2 (By Thomasandfriends7)

  • Mr. Gus (From uncle Grandpa) as Grim reaper
  • Uncle Grandpa (From uncle Grandpa) as Billy (Both are Funny)
  • Lucy Loud as Mandy
  • Clyde as irwin
  • Lynn Sr. as phil
  • Rita as Claire

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