• Lincoln Loud as Thomas
  • Lynn Sr. as Edward
  • Howard McBride as Henry
  • Harold McBride as Gordon
  • Bobby as James
  • Clyde McBride as Percy
  • Papa Wheelier as Toby
  • Flat Tire as Duck
  • Catdog (from Catdog) as Donald and Douglas
  • Rusty Spokes as Oliver
  • Exterminator as Devious Diesel
  • Lori Loud as Emily
  • Leni Loud as Flora
  • Luna Loud as Mavis
  • Mrs. Loud as Molly
  • Lynn Loud as Rosie
  • Lucy Loud as Caroline
  • Lola Loud and Lana Loud as Bill and Ben
  • Lisa Loud as Madge
  • Luan Loud as Isobella
  • Lily Loud as Lady
  • Charles as Skarloey
  • Cliff as Rheneas
  • Hog as Peter Sam
  • Geo as Rusty
  • Cricket (from Pig Goat Banana Cricket) as Freddie
  • Walt as Duncan
  • Izzy as Sir Handel
  • Francis as Duke
  • Sanjay and Crag (from Sanjay and Crag) as Mighty Mac
  • Chandler as Smudger
  • Chunk as BoCo
  • Spider Man/Peter Parker (from Captain America: Civil War) as Dennis
  • Mrs. Johnson as Daisy
  • Iron Man/Tony Stark (from Avengers) as Stepney
  • Cheerleaders as Annie, Clarable, Henrietta, and Millie
  • Colonal Crackers as Toad
  • Mr. Coconuts as Bertie
  • Big Kid #1 and #2 as Arry and Bert
  • Hawkeye/Clint Barton (from Captain America: Winter Soldier/Civil War) as Harold
  • Ant Man/Scott Lang (from Captain America: Civil War) as Neville
  • Owen (from Total Drama) as Harvey
  • Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes (from Captain America: Winter Soldier/Civil War) as Bulgy
  • Mr. Grouse as Spencer
  • Mick Swagger as Derek
  • Pop-Pop as Murdoch
  • Nick Fury (from Avengers) as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Madame B. (from Avengers) as Lady Hatt
  • Pirates (from Pirates of The Caribbean) as Troublesome Trucks
  • Jeff Randell (from Clarence) as Arthur
  • Uncle Grandpa (from Uncle Grandpa) as Salty
  • Hulk (from Avengers/Age Of Ultron) as Hector
  • Thor (from Avengers/Age Of Ultron) as Rocky
  • Shredder (from TMNT) as D261
  • Krang (from TMNT) as Diesel 10
  • Captain America/Steve Rogers (Avengers) as Victor
  • Casey (from TMNT) as Kevin
  • Rancid Rabbit (from Catdog) as Cranky
  • Cliff and Lube (from Catdog) as Splatter and Dodge
  • Aunt Shirley as Elizabeth
  • Timmy Turner (from The Fairy OddParents) as Billy
  • Filbert (from Rocko's Modern Life) as Trevor
  • Winslow (from Catdog) as Terence
  • Coral Pingrey as Belle
  • War Machine/James Rhodes (from Captain America: Civil War) as Flynn
  • Bebop and Rocksteady (from TMNT) as Den and Dart
  • Belson (from Clarence) as The Spiteful Breakvan
  • Kid Danger/Henry (from Henry Danger) as Jack
  • Jasper (from Henry Danger) as Alfie
  • Captain Man/Ray (from Henry Danger) as Oliver (Pack)
  • Hank Thunderman (from The Thundermens) as Ned
  • Raphael (from TMNT) as Patrick
  • Leonardo (from TMNT) as Byron
  • Donatello (from TMNT) as Nelson
  • Michelangelo (from TMNT) as Kelly
  • Rocko (from Rocko's Modern Life) as Fergus
  • Heffle Wolfe (from Rocko's Modern Life) as Hank
  • Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff (from Avengers) as Marion

Version 2

  1. Lincoln as Thomas
  2. Lucy as Edward
  3. Leni as Henry
  4. Lori as Gordon
  5. Lynn as James
  6. Clyde as Percy
  7. Luan as Toby
  8. Lisa as Duck
  9. Lola as Bill
  10. Lana as Ben
  11. Luna as Oliver
  12. Chandler as Diesel
  13. Howard as Donald
  14. Harold as Douglas
  15. Chunk as BoCo
  16. Agnes Johnson as Daisy
  17. Christina as Mavis
  18. Ronnie Anne as Emily
  19. Bobby as The Flying Scotsman
  20. Liam as Billy
  21. Zach as Whiff
  22. Rusty as Stepney
  23. Rocky as Theo
  24. Papa Wheelier as Arry
  25. Flat Tire as Bert
  26. Benny as Charlie
  27. Lily as Skarloey
  28. Charles as Sir Handel
  29. Cliff as Peter Sam
  30. Geo as Rusty
  31. Walt as Duncan
  32. Mick Swagger as Derek
  33. Pop-Pop as Murdoch
  34. Mr. Coconuts as Bertie
  35. Carol Pringey as Belle
  36. Lynn Sr. as Ferdinand
  37. Rita as Flora
  38. Mr. Grouse as Spencer
  39. Principal Huggins as Vinnie
  40. Coach Palowsiki as Hank
  41. Exterminator as D261
  42. Hopps as Rheneas
  43. Izzy as Freddie
  44. El Diablo as Duke
  45. Paige as Rosie
  46. Flip as Samson
  47. Cheerleader 1 as Annie
  48. Cheerleader 2 as Clarabel
  49. Cheerleader 3 as Henrietta
  50. Francis as Bertram
  51. The Harvester as Diesel 10
  52. Maria as Molly
  53. Hugh as Collin

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