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Lucille Ball is considered by many to be America's First Lady of Television. Not only has she done radio work, but she has stared in several full-featured famous movies and completed numerous television appearances. Her works are known to many - I Love Lucy being a prime example, as it has been running in some form since the show originally premiered.

Welcome to The Lucy Wiki, a collaborative project based on Lucille Ball's works. Currently, we are hosted on Wikia's Scratchpad, but we hope to graduate to a full wiki eventually. The wiki format allows anyone to edit the content on the site - Lucille Ball experts and novices alike. If you share an interest or passion for Lucille Ball, we invite you to contribute.

Like we said above: we would like to graduate to a full wiki. In order to do so, we need to prove that the Lucille Ball community is very much alive and willing to participate! You can help us in all sorts of ways: if you see an error, typo, or mistake - fix it! If you have information or content you'd like to contribute - go ahead and edit the article.

Below is a quick guide to the contents we currently feature on The Lucy Wiki. If you see something that isn't included, but you think it should be - add it! If you'd like to browse through our currently limited collection - do so, just remember to add any information you think should be included.

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a message on the the founder's talk page.

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