Well does everybody sit? Let me see...hmmm...

We've got Horton to the left and we've got Weasel to the right.
And Minerva Mink, and Zafina, and Colin, and Lisa.
Genie's next to Jasmine, and Aladdin and his lamp,
Along with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, and Rita and Runt.

Here's Charlie Brown, and Snoopy - he's the beagle.
There's (7 Mr. Men characters).
Table nine has Krusty the Clown, by Mowgli and Baloo.
Spooky's at Table 7, and his stick's at Table 2.

Over here is Sleeping Beauty, oh somebody wake her up.
From Animaniacs, we got Slappy and Skippy.
Ren and Stimpy, Marlene, and Vanessa Doofenschmirtz,
Kenny's next to Tammy Warner, Jeremy is next to Candace.

Captain Hook here is where he goes, and here's where Mr. Smee goes.
Terrance and Phillip goes, with along the three lemurs.
Pocahontas here's where she goes, by Bill Melendez here's where he goes.
His movie stars have egos, and you gotta treat them right!

Goofy Goober's next to Alice, Evil Queen, and Cat in the Hat.
Homer Simpson, and Mr. Krabs, and Squidward and his clarinet.
Jiminy Cricket, and Geppetto, and Pinocchio little elf.
And Toc-Man in the corner gets a table to himself.

We've got Hercules, Phlioctetes, and Hades next to him.
Pac-Man's next to Professor Pac, and Blinky's by Pinky.
There's Larry by Bob, and Apu's next to Groundskeeper Willie.
The Goodfeathers, the Big Bad Wolf, Iago and Jafar.

Jerry Mouse, Tom Cat, Wakko, Yakko, and Dot,
Here's Mr. Lunt and here's Mr. Nezzer, and here's Lotso here's Emperor Zurg.
And Gogo Dodo, and his boss King Louie.
We got Marge, Maggie, Bart,
And we'll just go on and on!

The Heffalumps, Toad, Yoshi, and Bowser.
Here's as lot of Happy Tree Friends whoops! they need another chair!
Barney Gumble, The Brain and Pinky, and then there's the Sour Kangaroo and there's Rudy...
And next to Tigger, and Piglet, and Winnie - he's the Pooh.

That's everyone!

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