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Amy Rose did not want to do the Holiday Show. She was afraid that it might turn into a big Broadway production. Amy Rose said "I don't want to do the Holiday Show." Phineas Flynn said to her. "You have to do it, Amy. You signed up for it. There's no backing out of it." Amy became very angry and started a big fight in the lunch room. During the fight, Amy picked up her cup of chocolate pudding and flung it all over one of the teacher assistants! The teacher assistant was very angry! She brought Amy to the principal's office. The principal suspended Amy from school for 10 days and had her adoptive father, Bugs Bunny, come and pick her up and bring her home. Bugs came and picked up Amy and brought her home. Bugs was very angry with Amy. Amy got in big trouble by her adoptive father. She got punished. Amy wasn't allowed to go to the movies. Amy became very angry. She glared at her adoptive father and said "You're as evil and mean as Dr. Eggman!" and then went up to her room in tears.

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