Summery:Spencer Lionheart,Tom Sawyer (2000),Adult Timmy Brisby,Kate Lionheart,Judy Lionheart,Alyssa Morgan,Becky Thatcher & Jenny McBride are going around the world delivering the dolls filled with diamonds and money from Hello Kitty & My Melody.

The MGM Adventure:The Cast

Alvin Seville...Spencer Lionheart (The Lionhearts)

Simon Seville...Tom Sawyer (2000)

Theodore Seville...Adult Timmy Brisby(The Sercet of Nimh:Timmy To The Rescue)

Brittany Miller...Alyssa Morgan,Kate Lionheart and Judy Lionheart

Jeanette Miller...Becky Thatcher (2000)

Eleanor Miller...Jenny McBride (The Sercet of Nimh:Timmy To The Rescue)

Dave Seville...Leo Lionheart (The Lionhearts)

Miss Miller...Lana Lionheart (The Lionhearts)

The Arabian Prince...Daniel(The Lionhearts),Kate's Classmate

Claus Furchstein...My Melody(Hello Kitty)

Claudia Furchstein...Hello Kitty

Sophie The Dog...Marie(Aristocats)

Inspector Jamal...Johnny Pew

Chapter 8:Captured in Egypt

That night,the girls are in their rooms,all dressed up for the ceremony tomorrow morning; Alyssa has a red outfit with a long dark red cape,a red headband holding a gem tiara

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