The Magic Lamp Transcript is Pikachufreak's idea.


  • Here's the full transcript to The Magic Lamp.


  • Skarloey
  • Peter Sam
  • Rusty
  • Duncan
  • Harold
  • Thomas (does not speak)
  • Proteus (does not speak)
  • Rheneas (cameo)
  • Mighty Mac (cameo)


  • Michael Brandon: The Magic Lamp. Narrow Gauge engines work hard. They puff and chuff all day up and down the hills. One day, the winding gear that carried coal cars up and down the incline broke. The engines had to work extra hard, pulling heavy coal cars up and down the long, steep track. Until, at the end of the day, they could ease their aching axles. That evening, Thomas puffed into the transfer yards. All the Narrow Gauge engines were there. Thomas was delivering steel winches and wires to repair the broken incline.
  • Rusty: Listen, Thomas.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Rusty.
  • Rusty: Skarloey's telling us a story from the hills.
  • Skarloey: Long, long ago.
  • Michael Brandon: Began Skarloey.
  • Skarloey: There was an old engine called Proteus. He had a lamp that was so bright you could see it for miles around. Proteus said it was a magic lamp. He promised that if anyone ever found the lamp, their wishes would come true.
  • Duncan: How would you know it was Proteus' lamp?
  • Michael Brandon: Asked Duncan.
  • Skarloey: First, you feel a rush of wind whenever the lamp is near.
  • Michael Brandon: Skarloey chuffed quietly.
  • Skarloey: Then, you hear a strange creaking noise. And finally,
  • Michael Brandon: He added.
  • Skarloey: You'll see it flicker on and off, off and on.
  • Michael Brandon: Peter Sam huffed loudly.
  • Peter Sam: I don't believe there's a magic lamp!
  • Michael Brandon: Soon, all the steal winches and wires were given to Peter Sam's freight cars.
  • Peter Sam: I have work to do.
  • Michael Brandon: Huffed Peter Sam.
  • Peter Sam: I'm a Really Useful Engine, not a Really Silly one! The incline must be working by morning, so I won't be wasting my time looking for a silly magic lamp!
  • Michael Brandon: He tooted proudly. And he steamed quickly away. The moon was bright. Peter Sam huff and puffed.
  • Peter Sam: The magic lamp I know isn't true. It's just an old story and quite silly too!
  • Michael Brandon: Peter Sam clickety-clack towards a junction. Suddenly, he felt a great rush of wind. His axles rattled and his couplings creaked.
  • Peter Sam: What's happening?
  • Michael Brandon: Peter Sam whistled. He was so surprised, he puffed right past the junction, and up the wrong line, away from the incline. Peter Sam still didn't believe Skarloey's story about Proteus' magic lamp. But then, he heard a creaking sound, and his wheels began to wobble. Up ahead, a light flickered off and on, on and off. And then he saw it. It was just the fogman's lantern. It creaked and croaked as it swung outside his cabin. Peter Sam felt better. He chuffed past. Peter Sam was not even further from the incline.
  • Peter Sam: The magic lamp I know isn't true. It's just an old story and quite silly too!
  • Michael Brandon: He huffed quietly to himself. Then suddenly there was another rush of wind, then a creaking sound, and finally a flickering light, on and off, off and on. The wind, the creaking sound and the flickering light.
  • Peter Sam: Could it be Proteus' lamp?
  • Michael Brandon: Thought Peter Sam. Then he saw it. It wasn't Proteus' lamp. It was the light from a campfire at the children's campground. And it was the trees that were creaking in the wind.
  • Peter Sam: I knew that all along.
  • Michael Brandon: Sighed Peter Sam. But now he chuffed on even more slowly. Peter Sam was at the bottom of a steep hill, and now he was completely lost. He didn't know what to do.
  • Peter Sam: I wish I could find the incline. And I wish I could be safe at home in the house with the other engines. And I wish.
  • Michael Brandon: Peter Sam puffed quietly.
  • Peter Sam: I wish I could find Proteus' lamp. Perhaps then my wishes would come true.
  • Michael Brandon: Suddenly, he felt a rush of wind whip round his wheels. Then, he heard the strangest creaking, croaking sound. And then, he saw a flickering light that flashed on and off, off and on. It came from the top of the hill. Peter Sam gasped.
  • Peter Sam: It must be Proteus' magic lamp!
  • Michael Brandon: He knew he had to go up the hill and find it. The wind whirred and stirred, the sound became and whooshing and a wheeshing, and the light flickered brighter and brighter. Peter Sam puffed to the top of the hill. And there was Harold the Helicopter! His blades made a wind that whirred and stirred. The sound whoosed and wheeshed as the blades spun around. And Harold's bright light flickered on and off, off and on. Peter Sam was very surprised.
  • Peter Sam: Harold!
  • Michael Brandon: He gasped.
  • Harold: Hello!
  • Michael Brandon: Hummed Harold.
  • Harold: I was dropping off some packages for the hill farms. What are you doing?
  • Peter Sam: I'm lost.
  • Michael Brandon: Peter Sam said.
  • Peter Sam: And I'm going to be very late to deliver the winches and wires to the incline.
  • Harold: No problem, old buddy. I'll show you the way.
  • Michael Brandon: And Harold took to the air. His strong light shone brightly and showed Peter Sam the right way to the incline. Later, on his way home, Peter Sam couldn't stop thinking about what had happened.
  • Peter Sam: Maybe.
  • Michael Brandon: Puffed Peter Sam.
  • Peter Sam: You don't have to see the magic lamp for your wishes to come true. Maybe it's enough just to believe in it.

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