• Doogal - Bolt (Bolt)
  • Dylan - Clover (Sofia the First)
  • Ermintrude - Daisy Jo the Cow (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Brian - Radio (The Brave Little Toaster)
  • The Train - Blaze (Blaze and the Monster Machines)
  • Penelope - Little Miss Naughty (The Mr. Men Show)
  • Mr. Rusty - Rabbit (Winnie the Pooh)
  • Florence - Little Miss Whoops (The Mr. Men Show)
  • The Twin Birds - Jewel and Blu (Rio)
  • Mrs. MacHenrietta (Mr. MacHenry) - Candace (Phineas and Ferb)
  • Zebedee - Big Bird (Sesame Street)
  • Zeebad - Nigel (Rio)
  • Soldier Sam - Sam the Eagle (The Muppets)
  • Basil and Coral - Mordecai and Rigby (Regular Show)
  • Moose - Minimus (Sofia the First)

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