"Early Specials" is in late 1994.

  • The New Plane
  • Fire Engine Evan
  • Spending Time With Big Jake
  • Tracy's Candy Catastrophie
  • Enters The Race
  • The Counting Game
  • Jay Jay Meets Captain Hightower
  • Jay Jay and The Magic Books
  • Tracy's Snuggly Blanket
  • Jay Jay's Butterfly Adventure
  • The Singing Meadow
  • Tuffy's Buried Treasure
  • Snuffy's Thanksgiving
  • Snuffy's Favorite Color
  • Concert Day At Tarrytown Airport
  • Brenda's Mother's Day
  • A Trip To Skylandia
  • Upsy Downosis
  • Tracy's Shooting Star
  • Tracy's Sonic Boom
  • Herky and The Opposites Game
  • Jay Jay's Christmas Adventure
  • Runaway Ralphie
  • Wallpaper Dorothy Ann
  • Keesha's Birdwatch
  • Dorothy Ann's Busy Day

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