"Favorite Specials" is in late 1997.

  • Ms. Frizzle To The Rescue
  • Clocktower Arnold
  • Wanda Gets Stuck
  • Wanda's Mood
  • Wanda's Short Cut
  • Ms. Frizzle The Soccer Star
  • Liz's Bathtime
  • Dorothy Ann's Watering Can
  • Magnetic Ms. Frizzle
  • Janet In A Pickle
  • Janet Goes Fishing
  • Dorothy Ann Plays Golf
  • Mr. Seedplot's Pig Pen
  • Ralphie's Tortoise
  • Square Dance Bus
  • Rocking Ralphie
  • Mucky Wanda
  • Janet Sorts It Out
  • Ralphie's Rock Garden
  • Carlos' Shapes
  • Scary Bus
  • Bus The Ghost
  • Ms. Frizzle and The Tree Stump
  • Arnold's Bucket
  • Dorothy Ann's Big Game
  • Dorothy Ann's Tennis Match
  • Dorothy Ann's Mom's Paint Pots
  • Dorothy Ann's Bright Plan
  • Arnold's Birthday
  • Arnold's Big Surprise
  • The Bus Minds His Manners
  • Arnold's Spring Cleaning
  • Arnold's Day Off
  • Buffalo Arnold
  • Sing-A-Long Pheobe

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