The Magic Tapdance Shoes is a new show coming to Comedy Central, Fox 21-27, TBS, CW 5, Adult Swim, Nick at Nite, and Teen Nick. This show is real but it's followed by Family Guy, Futurama, South Park, American Dad, Bob's Burgers, and The Cleveland Show. This show will launch in 2014, this has Mythical Monsters, Legendary, Fearsome Creatures, animals that talk, naked one eyed males, and peeping toms. It is by Twentieth Century Fox, Comedy Central Productions, and Thirteith Century Fox, it can feature some cuss words, it has no violence so it's TV-14 , the movie will launch 2015, it will be PG-13. The characters who made this show are Matt Groening, Seth Macfarlane, Matt Stone, and Trey Parker.


and more


1. The Magic Tapdance Shoes/Thomas

2. The Magic Tapdance Shoes/Tugs

3. The Magic Tapdance Shoes/Cyberchase

4. The Magic Tapdance Shoes/Shrek

5. The Magic Tapdance Shoes/Noddy's Toyland Adventures

6. The Magic Tapdance Shoes/Toy Story

7. The Magic Tapdance Shoes/The Berenstain Bears

8. The Magic Tapdance Shoes/Sesame Street

9. The Magic Tapdance Shoes/Bubble Guppies

10. The Magic Tapdance Shoes/Dora the Explorer

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