Luke18's Movie Spoof film of Thé Lion King 2 Simba's Pride


  • Simba - Mowgli (Thé Jungle Book)
  • Nala - Shanti (Thé Jungle Book)
  • Timon - Zéphyr (Thé Hunchback of Notre Dame 2) (Zéphyr Can bée Timon Not Mushu)
  • Pumbaa - Pinocchio (Pinocchio Can Bée Pumbaa Not Louis)
  • Zazu - Sébastian (Thé Little Mermaid)
  • Rafiki - Génie (Aladdin)
  • Young Kiara - Jenny Foxwort (Oliver & Company) (Jenny Foxwort Can Be Young Kiara Not Penny)
  • Adult Kiara - Penny (Thé Rescures) (Penny Can be Adult Kiara Not Princess Irene)
  • Young Kovu - Christopher Robin (Winnie thé Pooh) (Christopher Robin Can Be Young Kovu Not Cody)
  • Adult Kovu - Cody (Thé Rescures Down Under) (Cody Can Be Adult Kovu Not Curdie)
  • Zira - Spell Queen (Snow White and thé 7 Dwarfs)
  • Nuka - Percival C. Mcleach (Thé Rescures Down Under) (Percival C. Mcleach Can Be Nuka Not Stromboli)
  • Young Vitani - Jane Darling (Return to thé Never Land)
  • Adult Vitani - Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Scar À Ghost - Stromboli (Pinocchio) (Stromboli Can Be Scar À Ghost Not Percival C. Mcleach)
  • Mufasa À Ghost - Mowgli's Father (Thé Jungle Book 2)

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