The Many Feelings of Mr Madame

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The Many Feelings of Mr Madame is a 2010 Potter Puppet Pals book

Harry presents a pageant in which everyone talks about French feelings.


Participants include Harry, demonstrating "joyeux", Ron, talking about an emotional rollercoaster against "bonheur" and "inquiet" when seeing butterflies. Then, Hermione talks about "Heureux" and Snape talking about "grognon", Dumbledore talking about "Rigolo" and "Meli Melo", Voldemort instigating "Personne" and "Terreur", Neville doing "Etourdi", Hagrid with "Endormi", Draco talking about "avare", Cedric with "grincheux", Ginny with "silence" and a finale about "Chatouille".

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