It is known that Steve Crandell is a man of mystery and that he must go by many other names in order to maintain such a secretive complex life without having people from different aspects of his life meet and ruin his secretive network of lies, scandal, alleged crime, and mystery.

An organization, known of by only a few select people, has compiled and continuously works on a list of Steve Crandell's many Aliases. The following is what is currently known.

The List

This is an ongoing project of several secret organizations that cannot be named.


  • Cran The Man
  • Steve-O
  • my Cranberry
  • The Cranicles of Narnia
  • President of U-Cran
  • Captain Cranch
  • Crandell-bar
  • Cleveland Stever
  • Capricran
  • The English Cranell
  • Cranida
  • Cranzania
  • Cran Solo
  • Crandell's Messiah
  • Cran Helsing
  • Martin Cran Beuren
  • Cranchester United
  • Steverpool
  • Crannysmith Apples
  • Cental Africran Republic
  • Cransel and Gretel
  • A Cranicle of a Death Foretold
  • Close Encounters of the Third Crand
  • The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The Cran
  • Color Me Crandell
  • Crancadile
  • Crandy Beaches
  • Cransformers
  • Crand Before Time I-XXI
  • Cranbell's Soup
  • Indiana Jones and The Crandell of Doom
  • Crandlocked
  • Marlin Crando
  • George Washingcran
  • Thomas Jeffercran
  • Abraham Lincran
  • Stevius Crandulus


  • Evtes Nardcell (see.Star Trek)
  • Don Knotts
  • Frank Zappa

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